Check Out Kesha Catching Some Sun In A Curvy Bikini

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elliot-wolf - August 20, 2018

I wish that I could catch Kesha in my arms the same way she catches sun on her skin at the beach. She has a body I would like to hold on to like a boogie board. Hopefully I can attach myself to her just like the strap on the board. I would never want to lose someone so important after they come crashing into my life like an unexpected tidal wave. I have decided to put Kesha in the category of women I can not live without ever since I seen her special shape. She has me praying like her most recent song that she ends up washing up along my shore like the most attractive drift wood a man could ever ask for.

It’s times like these that make me wish I could sing and do more than strum a few notes from the banjo. A guitar cover of one her songs by a bonfire would surely impress her. My best bet now is hoping marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers are still enough to sweep her off her feet as we listen to the sounds of the waves crashing in instead of me serenading her with song.

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Photo Credit: Backgrid USA