The 2012 Maxim Calendar Presents a Random Assortment of Celebrity Hotness

A hodgepodge of hotness if you will. Ranging from Dania Ramirez right on down to Kesha. And, that is quite a range. Nevertheless, the boys at Maxim never seem to disappoint in the hot girl department, so you can count on a more than decent 2012 Calendar. You could find worse ways to measure your days.

Check out the likes of Dania Ramirez, Arianny Celeste, and Kylie Bisutti in little bikinis and skimpy things. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Zoe Lister Jones Upskirt, Kesha Nip Slip, Ashley Tisdale Crotch Shot, Rihanna Naughty Views, Radha Mitchell Topless, and Aline Qaddafi Racy Photos? Yep.


Wow, sometimes, you readers surprise us, I mean, even after 57 years of publishing Reader Finds, you never cease to amaze us with your odd assortment from the world of celebrity naughty. But, perhaps, today takes the cake. So utterly random. So utterly wonderfully raunchy.

Today’s Reader Finds includes Zoe Lister Jones in some actually must-watchable moments from Whitney, Kesha flashing some udder, Ashley Tisdale caught in a compromising position, some more even racier angles of Rihanna in concert, Radha Mitchell cinematically topless, and, strangest of all perhaps, Aline Qaddafi, wife of Hannibal, son of on-the-run Moammar, posing sexy. Weird but true it seems.

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QUICK HITS: Kesha Looking Good? I Shat You Not

My hat’s off to naughty photographer extraordinaire Terry Richardson, who actually manages to make Kesha look good in this set of photos from the controversial snapper. I’m not sure how much we’ll see of Kesha on this site, I mean, short of more post-coital candid visuals (explicit content warning), but, for today, Queen for a day. Enjoy.

VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED: Purported Kesha Muff Diving Photos Cause Internet Un-sensation


The things I do to honor my ‘journalist of the year’ award from my middle school newspaper. Yep, I broke the story behind what was really in the beef stroganoff being served in the school cafeteria. It was a dirty job; but that’s my investigative credo, doing the nasty so you don’t have to. All of which leads me to these Kesha muff diving pictures. These appear to be from the same set of photos that we posted this past summer of Kesha-gets-the-goo (seen below). There’s very little sexy about these photos; there’s tons wrong. So eerily reminiscent of the stroganoff. Celebrity behind the scenes is not always pretty. Try to enjoy.

Who can forget the precious baby-talking pop star receiving her pearl necklace? I can’t. I’ve tried. Trust me.

Kesha Complex and Photoshopped to the Point of Looking Good

I’ll say this, the folks at Complex magazine did their dandiest best to turn the big-boned, baby-talking popstar into something Egotastic! worthy. These Kesha pictures are presented mostly for educational purposes; personally, I’d like to get the photo editors over at Complex to take some time on my own set of cameraphone drunken nude self-portraits that Gretchen refers to as ‘The Return of the Blob’. I bet they could make me look amazing, or, you know, make me look like Kesha. Don’t enjoy so much as examine and beware of false hotness.

Kesha Bikini Pictures (My Girlfriend Made Me Post These!)

Don’t hate me, this is my ‘Fine, I’ll see ‘Sexy and the City 2′ with you moment. Lose the battle to win the war. Sally forth. Tally ho… I’m so ashamed of myself right now.

Photo credit: INF Photo

Kesha Covered in Man Juice!

(Update, July 8, 2010: Still no definitive word. Egotastic! readers are flooding our mail with their own proof of Real or Fake, including historical photographic evidence. Real, because she’s wearing identical bracelets to other Kesha photos; Fake, because facial measurements don’t quite match up to other photos. For now, all I can say is…this is a fun investigation.)

We knew this day would come! We just thought we might be more actively involve in its creation.

So today’s tale goes, some nefarious bastard with access to this craptastic young entertainer leaked both a previously unheard musical track (which we would never force upon you) and this photo of Kesha (Ke$ha) holding her boobs, her body covered in male exhaust. Presumably, the work product of the photographer of this candid picture.

Note: there’s no way to currently verify this photo. I mean, it is a girl, she is holding her Tik-Toks, she is wet with love milk, and she does look exactly like Ke$ha, but, trust and verify. Updates as warranted.