Kelly Bensimon

Kelly Bensimon in a White Hot Bikini Poolside in Miami

Real Housewife and genuine hotty Kelly Bensimon was looking seriously sexy in a white bikini in Miami. Kelly is in her forties but you wouldn’t know it from these pictures. She is the very definition of “keeping it tight”, which is no easy feat. She’s got an exemplary pair of ta-tas. If I was a woman and was in the market to get breast implants I would just plop these pictures in front of the doctor and say, “Make my sweater hams look like that”. But if I had to pick one feature about Kelly that I like most it would have to be her booty. It is firm and fully packed. She must do pilates or something because you could bounce quarters off those buns. Not that I’m advocating bouncing coins off of her. That would be a waste of money and might be painful on that gorgeous butt.

Back when I was forced to watch that Real Housewives show she was on I could at least take solace in ogling her thingies. Those were the days.

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Kelly Bensimon Bikini Pictures Flashing Hot Veteran Mom Booty In Miami

I don’t care how much this Real Housewife has done to aid her own hot bodily cause, into her 40′s here and having pushed out some next gens into this world, Kelly Bensimon continues to have a bikini body worth wagging your tongue at as she passes you on vacation in Miami. All the youngin’s are in Miami flashing their international model plumes in thong bikinis. Don’t think the moms can’t hold their own, with Kelly’s nice and tight booty carrying her card into the land of must-see wonderments along the South Florida shoreline.

There’s no doubt this Real Housewives line of shows has been a horrible demented and destructive force of modern media, the results of which probably can’t be tallied until historians one hundred years from now trace the entire line of craptastic and its ensuring damage. In the interim, it’s brought us not many, but definitely a few older ladies for my hot mom fantasy pot that most definitely requires constant stirring. Well done, Ms. Bensimon. Enjoy.

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Kelly Bensimon Goes Jet Skiing In A White Hot Bikini

Real Housewife Of New York star Kelly Bensimon spent an afternoon in Miami riding around on a jet ski. She did it while wearing a delightfully small white bikini. Kelly is in ridiculously good shape. Just look at her toned stomach. Look at it! It’s amazing. Most women in their mid-MILF years can only dream of looking this great. In some of the pics her top is covered by a life jacket. Luckily, there is nothing covering up her booty. Those cheeks are so pert you could bounce quarters off of them. Not that you’d want to. Unless that’s your thing. I don’t judge. In one of the pics you can see the side of her no-no spot area. All is right with the world. My wife was into watching that show when Kelly was on it. I almost didn’t mind it being on so I could gaze at Kelly. Almost.

But, alas, she is not on the show anymore. But one can remember fondly her days getting into cat fights and throwing wine or whatever with the girls from RHONY.

Kelly Bensimon Bikini Pictures Bring Out Her Inner Kitty

The former Real Housewives of New York or some other state star sure does bring a lot of bikinis with her on vacation. That’s not a bad thing. In her mid-40′s Kelly Bensimon still manages to work herself into the MILFs I’d love to friendly neighborhood boy roleplay with by bringing in her groceries and tasting her milk and cookies. Oh, yes, those cookies in particular look awfully sweet.

Kelly continues her extended beach vacation in Miami, racking up racktastic points with all the young men in the area learning to lust older ladies thanks to the likes of Kelly’s boobtastic in her various colored two piece swimsuits. Think of her as an educator. Or just a naughty teacher as I am right now. She does make my imagination run a bit wild. Enjoy.

Kelly Benismon Bikini Pictures Roll MILFily Along from Easter in Miami

Yes, the Real Housewives shows are an abomination of good taste and decent social behavior. Something like that. I don’t watch them because if I want to see lots of plastic surgery faced ladies getting loaded and fighting, I can head over to the mall here in Beverly Hills on any given holiday and check out the catfights over parking spaces. I do on occasion. Nevertheless, there is the occasional shining star in the poop that is Bravo!, including Kelly Bensimon, who with the help of some amazing genes and some fine tuning work in NYC medical offices, continues to stoke the flames of passion as a New York Housewife when she heads down Miami Way to get her bikini on. In fact, Kelly treated us to a double bikini view weekend in South Florida…

…reminding us that multi-bikini vacations from women with stellar bodies is a gift that should never be forsaken. And we shall not forsake, just peruse and ogle the wares of the 45-year old mommy splashing in the water. We do so love alluring women and watersports. Enjoy.

Kelly Bensimon Shows Off Her Bikini Body on a Beach in Florida

Kelly Bensimon Bikini Pictures Holding Up Sextastic and Strong in Miami

I’ll say this for Kelly Bensimon, she’s one of the few bright spots in that horrific Real Houswives craptastic programming, a woman who at 45, through some combination of natural and unnatural means has managed to keep herself in a bikini body shape many women at 30 would be rather jealous of. I’m rather jealous and I’m not even a woman. I mean, not until I save up far more money for my Swiss hooha.

Like every other celebrity this week, Kelly is down in Miami where the cameras are, having gotten herself in tip top bikini shape just in case she should be photographed while walking back and forth past lines of paparazzi. All the work turned out to be worthwhile. Kelly looked like a million bitcoins. Quite impressive really. Enjoy.