Kat Graham

Kat Graham Sextastic In Leather For GQ

Did somebody say Kat Graham in leather? Oh, yes, please, I’ll take a sip or two of that. I do so love hot ladies in leather. If women came wrapped naturally in leather, I’d even go for that. But I’ll leave my fetishes for another day perhaps.

The drastically underrated Kat Graham made her GQ Turkey debut with a blonde wig to add to the passion inducement of her poses and all over sextastic form. I love watching a wanton woman do her thing. It’s quite magical. How the Nobel committee still refuses to recognize the accomplishments of women in the field of sextastic posing I do not know. I’m going to just blanket that answer with the specter of chauvinism. You won’t find any of that around here, not while I’m still barely breathing. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: GQ Turkey

Kat Graham In Spandex Is My Workout Routine

Each morning, both Kat Graham and I get up with the intention of hard working our bodies into total physical perfection. Kat proceeds to slap on some Spandex and tiny shorts and go make it happen. I have A.D.D. with a rather serious related case of the Super Lazies rendering me incapable of being as committed to the hard work as Kat. It’s okay, I don’t want your pity.

Let’s just be glad we got the chance to witness Vampire Diaries’ star Kat Graham working hard for her fine female form, a little stretching, a little running, a lot of preening in a sports bra and show-off shorts. And why not show off when you’ve got a body like Kat’s. Show off even more I say. In fact, Kat, if you get totally nekkid, I’ll come out to the park and run half a lap or so. I too can be committed with the right carrot. Enjoy.

Kat Graham Lingerie Literal Spread for Terry Richardson

I do have such a crush on Kat Graham from Vampire Diaries. I like to imagine she feels the same way about me, even as she asks her attorney to file restraining orders.

My feelings toward Terry Richardson veer far more toward the jealousy end. But, somehow, he got Kat Graham in some fun lingerie into his studio for a revealing shoot.

You can see the Kat Graham lingerie pictures in full over on WWTDD.com

Kat Graham Bikini Pictures Because Witch Hotties Need Sun Too

I don’t follow Vampire Diaries all that much, other than to gape and gaze upon many of the hotties of that otherwise silly show. But without silly shows and the CW, we would be missing so many sextastic thespianics. Like Kat Graham, who we also got to sneak peek today on the beach in Santa Monica.

Kat has quite the tight little body strutting hard along the sandy shores of the mighty Pacific. Not too hard, not too soft, just right for this baby bear to reach his paw out for a scoop of honey. Not sure that metaphor works, but Kat Graham, definitely working. Enjoy.

Kat Graham Bikini Pictures Are Retro Yellow Hot

We never get to see much of Vampire Diaries starlet Kat Graham, so even when she was splashing in the ocean in a sort of unflattering bikini, we got rather wound up here to the point of exclamation.

Now, we’re not suggesting that our favorite sextastic celebrities revert back to 1950′s style bikinis, a bit too much covered up, but we’re not one to question good fortune, or the chance to properly introduce Kat Graham to Egotastic! Welcome.