Kat Graham Sexy White Bra Working Out

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aldo-vallon - September 14, 2017

 I wonder how many of the people I see walking around with yoga mats are actually on their way to or from a class? My guess would be fifty percent of the women and eighty percent of the men are actually faking it. They probably just carry it around so that they can impress strangers while they sip their morning latte. The men are just looking for an easy ice breaker and there is no easier way to impress a yoga chick than to also be into yoga. That is just a fact. I used to do the same thing by carrying a book around with me everywhere I went. It turns out that women are not nearly as impressed by a man reading the Encyclopedia Brittanica as they are by a yoga mat. Some things will never change, women will always choose brawn over brains.

One woman who certainly is not faking going to class is Kat Graham. I mean, get a look at those arms. You cannot get toned like that by simply carrying a yoga mat around, or an encyclopedia for that matter.  


Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News