Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez Has More Than Still Got the Booty Chops at Fashion Rocks

Let’s be honest, fashion doesn’t rock. Fashion might pop. Fashion might hip hop. And fashion might adult contemporary. But fashion clearly does not rock. Nevertheless, I’m definitely paying attention to a New York Fashion event when Jennifer Lopez and her hot mommy booty are the prime attraction.

Jennifer took to the stage in Brooklyn to celebrate the convergence of mad music and mad fashion by not really being musical talented or wearing many clothes, none of which mattered when she started shaking that magical thumper of hers in reverse to the audience. Wow, they should have a big week in New York just celebrating Jenny’s asstastic. I’d go to that. In loose shorts. Jennifer, you remain a veteran hottie two-cheeked wonder. Bless you. Enjoy.

Watch Jennifer Lopez Get Busy with a Teenager in ‘The Boy Next Door’ Trailer

trailer for the boy next door starring jennifer lopez
Steamy housewife fantasy turns into obsession thriller...

For those of you who stopped reading the headline of this post after busy, I’m sorry to inform you that, no, this is not about a Jennifer Lopez sex tape. It’s about a trailer for a new mainstream feature film called The Boy Next Door, directed by Rob Cohen and starring Lopez, Kristen Chenowith, John Corbett, and some ridiculously good-looking 26-year-old guy named Ryan Guzman who we’re all supposed to believe is in high school.

The plot? Well you start out thinking it’s going to be some kind of desperate housewife drama where a sad suburban mom rediscovers her joie de vivre in the muscly arms of the innocent boy next door. However, about halfway through the trailer you learn the boy next door, while muscly, is anything but innocent. At that point the film turns into a psychological thriller that you just know is going to leave a bunch of people dead or seriously injured.

In theory it all sounds pretty entertaining. But of course, the law of averages suggest it probably won’t be.

The Boy Next Door hits theaters January 23, 2015.

Ariana Grande Zipper Sextastic, Demi Lovato Cleavetastic, Taylor Swift Toned Legs, and Other Highlights of the 2014 MTV VMAs

While the MTV VMAs represent some kind of Fall of the Roman Empire, the lynchpin of the downfall of a civilized society, to be replaced by craptastic auditory experiences and glitter, there’s no doubt the annual event brings out the finest in pop diva competition for eyeballs, hence, lots of skin. There’s but a few teensy tiny number of popular music artists earning distinction from their vocal talents. The rest are competing for the dollar bills from the guys in the front row with the sweaty jowls. Me first among them.

So many hotties out at the 2014 MTV VMAs tonight, keep attuned to this updating gallery for some of the best of them, including Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Iggy Azalea, Jennifer Lopez, Rita Ora, Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, and more. It’s a night to remember, if you remembered your earplugs! Enjoy.

Zahia Dehar, Jennifer Lopez And More Hotties At the Versace Fashion Show

Jennifer Lopez and her incredible butt led the bevy of hottness that was the Versace fashion show in Paris, (Yes, it was a bevy if not a plethora of hottness). J-Lo was looking as sexy as usual in a white dress that showed off her awe-inspiring cleavage. Her dress was also slit up the front so you can almost see her no-no spot. But it is, as always, J-Lo’s booty that calls all the attention to itself. Is there a better more perfectly round butt out there? I submit to you that there is not. But Jen wasn’t alone. Nina Dobrev was also on hand to give us stirring feelings in our swimsuit area. She was wearing a short red dress that featured most of her silky long legs. She’s got some pretty spectacular thighs, y’all. Zahia Dehar was there as well and she brought her cleavage to the party. That was nice of her.

But it is Ayem Nour that wins the sexy outfit contest with what amounts to a jacket with no shirt or bra underneath. Her ta-tas are a sight to behold. I appreciate her decision to not wear a shirt and would like to invite her to not do so in the future.

Jennifer Lopez Hot Booty Shaking During Warms for iHeart Pool Party

Nobody does it better. Well, no forty-something mom perhaps. It’s that dancer workouts all the live long day. They’re keeping Jennifer Lopez in ogle worthy shape in her Spandex well past many of her peers. It’s a blessing, especially for all of us.

Jennifer was working the stage during sound checks for her iHeart Radio show in Miami over the weekend. Just a casual bit of bare-midriff and booty in stretch pants for warmups. There’s nothing wrong with practice makes perfect. Very bottomside perfect. Jennifer made her name with that thumper, she’s going out strong with those cheeks as well. I’m so proud of her. Enjoy.

Jennifer Lopez Level Six Camel Toe in Black Stretch Pants in Manhattan

Boy, all the big names were flashing something something this weekend in Manhattan. Why not hot MILFy mama Jennifer Lopez in some blessed stretch pants showing off a little toe of the camel that bit her. Or bit me. Or used to bite her dancer boyfriend until recently.

Jennifer is certainly not above some rife and rampant body exhibition, though we’ve not seen her in the wildly popular yoga pants really before. While I must castigate the paparazzi for not taking the time to circle around her plump derriere side, catching J-Lo and hints of her Spandex covered lady nest certainly is a solid day’s work. If Jennifer started wiggling and dancing in those booty hugging pants, I’d probably have some kind of happy seizure. Enjoy.

Jennifer Lopez Goes Booty to the Wall Down Brazil Way for World Cup Opening

Jennifer Lopez knows how to open an event. When you see J-Lo and her 40-something hot MILFtastic booty prancing around on stage, you can bet something big is about to happen. Like the World Cup. Or something more anatomically unexpected.

Jennifer has been the signature sports act for many years now. From Super Bowls to American Idol to the World Cup, which eyeballs wise, is the grand daddy of them all. She struts, she preens, she wears her unitards with see-through bits like nobody’s business. You can not contain Jennifer Lopez, you can only hope to be the next backup dancer she chooses to use to satiate her lustful needs. Enjoy.