Jennifer Lopez

Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez, Miley Cyrus, and Selena Gomez Repping Pop Hotties at 2013 Billboard Music Awards

Okay, let's put his out there first. The Billboard Music Awards are handed out based on the sale of music, which means, the taste of your average young teen girl dictates the winners. So, musically speaking, yeah, not so good. But, and this is a big but, it also means that all the big names in music, and all the A-list hottie divas, also are obliged to say yes to attend. And not just attend, but look their stellar best ,in Vegas every year for the ceremony. So, basically you have a party with killer looking girls and lousy music. You'd make that trade any day.

Leading the list of lookers at the celebration of craptastic music was Taylor Swift surprised once again to win awards even though pre-announced, Jennifer Lopez still hanging with the youngin's, Selena Gomez looking might fine save for rumors of her reunited for a fourth time with The Devil's Midget, Miley Cyrus sparkling hard these days, heck, even Kesha managed to look rather fetching, a sure sign that everybody's game has been stepped up for the evening. And then a whole lot of celebrity hodgepodge of hotness. It was quite a night. I wish I could of been there, but three different restraining orders by various pop divas formed an intersecting domain of denial around me being in Vegas. People take peeping in windows so damn serious these days. Enjoy.

Jennifer Lopez Swimsuit Hotness Filming Music Video in Lauderdale

I'm quite sure I'm never going to listen to whatever song it is Jennifer Lopez is shooting a video for down in Ft. Lauderdale, but I am most definitely sure I'm going to watch her in various revealing outfits behind the scenes of production of the music video. It's probably also a music video not meant for my demographic, but us gentleman oglers still do appreciate a good look at Jenny's MILFtastic body and continuing allure d' hot legs on display over the weekend.

And not content just showing her own self off, America's Next Top Model winner Eva Marcille is also featured in a bikini in the beachy music video. I'm not sure what role Eva plays in the song story, I just know I approve. Enjoy.

Jessica Alba and Jennifer Lopez Strut Their Respective Red Carpet Veteran Hot Bodies Over the Weekend

Two of my personal favorites. A thirty-something and a forty-something strutting their respective stuffs on red carpets. Jessica Alba looking cleavy and decked out for the Producers Guild Awards in Los Angeles; an image of the hot mom reminding us why we so badly want her to swath us in clean diapers and put something pacifying into our open maws.

And, in Vegas, Jennifer Lopez flashes her hot, still award-winning MILFtastic body for the opening of Parker, a combo Sin City and faptastic village upon seeing Jennifer still more than looking squeezable in another form fitting dress. And she pulls it off in fine ogle-worthy fashion. Enjoy.

Jennifer Lopez Goes Jenny From the Block With Leopard Skin and Thigh High Boots

Oh, be still my Dunkin Donuts saturated heart. If it's not MILFtastic Jennifer Lopez playing right into our naughty thoughts strutting the streets of The Big Apple in thigh high leather boots and a little leopard skin number that has us imagining all sorts of naughty animal mommy roleplaying fun times. Oh, yes, mother, we've been very bad.

Jenny from the Block continues her fine week or exhibitionism, relating visual tales of veteran hotness, and a mother of two who simply will let you know that the reason she's she-banging some dude half her age is because she can. So, take that. And another stomp from her black boots! Enjoy.

Jennifer Lopez Bikini Pictures MILF Up a Motherf**king Super Yacht!

Someday I suppose, Jennifer Lopez will simply no longer have 'it', and we'll all start glory-daying her amazing buttockal figure and the two decades or so we spent ogling it. But, that day is not today.

The world famous pop diva and MILFtastic celebrity still works the bikini like a hot mom should, with the aid of a super yacht parked off the Miami coastline, where Jennifer felt footloose and fancy free to flash her hot 40-something veteran body.

With the tip of our cap to telescopic lenses and whatever workout routine Jennifer utilizes to preserve her alluring Latina visuals, we say, all ahead full steam, Captain! Enjoy.

Jennifer Lopez Football Hotness Reminds Us How Bad We Want to Violate Her Tailgate

Jennifer Lopez got herself (and her little dancer boytoy) involved in a pre-concert football game in Puerto Rico over the weekend, and while we'll withhold comment on J-Lo's throwing motion (ahem, throws like a girl, cough, cough,) we can most definitely comment on just how hot this 40-something MILFy pop diva looked in a sports jersey and a little pair of white shorts.

Now, no need to confess a dirty male secret that is already widely known, but any time we guys see girls dressed in sexy sports gear, well, it's the combination of two our our most primal desires and simply just overwhelming at times. Throw in a little veteran hotness, a world-class booty, and Jennifer Lopez ranks high up on our list of women we'd like to illegally block in the back, if you catch my drift. Enjoy.

Jennifer Lopez Flashes Her Smooshed Bare Boob to a Live London Audience


How can you not love Jennifer Lopez?

The still wicked hot 43-year old mom just keeps on cranking out the hits, and I don't mean her silly songs aligned to slightly more complex 'NSync dance moves, I mean her still sweet body writhing and wriggling in a little revealing dancer costume that barely can contain her body, in fact, at the O2 Arena in London, it couldn't contain it at all as J-Lo's bare boob became entirely visible during the show beneath a sheer and see-through body stocking covering.

In one fell swoop, Jenny from the block flashed her bare motherly udder and also gave a signal as to a decent place to chow down in London. How can you not love her? Enjoy.