Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez Bikini Pictures for a Bit of Veteran Saucy Pool Drop

Jennifer Lopez is not shy about showing off her body, another reason to completely dig the 40-something MILFtastic entertainer and former American Idol host (who isn't a former American Idol host at this point?)

Jennifer is in Miami and took a little break from work for a yellow bikini plop into the water at her hotel pool. The mom of twins and cougar romancer shows little skill in the water entry department, but, who cares, we're mostly just checking out her bikini body. Still quite nice , J-Lo. Enjoy.

Jennifer Lopez Battles Herself in Vegas Pimping Hottie by Day and by Night

Jennifer Lopez doubled down on appearances and some serious cash this past weekend when she made not one, but two separate Sin City pimping shows, the MGM Grand pool by day and the Pure Nightclub by night, in both caes showing off some J-Lo sauce and some hot 40-something MILFtastic goodness.

We can't say ourselves which was the hotter pimping alter-eg in Vegas, we only know Jenny from the Block worked it hard for her money. Enjoy.

Jennifer Lopez Turns 43, Shows Zero Signs of Slowing Down Her Red Hot Heat

They say life begins at 40, and while that's all people over 40 who say that, we certainly see many signs of confirming this slogan here on Egotastic!, what with the sextastic renaissance of so many of our favorite celebs who've hit 40 and beyond and just seem to be getting even hotter.

For Jennifer Lopez, who turned 43 yesterday, everything seems to be coming up hotness. The Puerto Rican diva dumped her pencil-mustached 130 lb. husband, started boffing her boy toy backup dancer, jumpstarted a number of TV projects in Latin America, and launched a worldwide tour that is filling up grand venues around the world, all the while her body is back to booty-rocking bikini form and she's looking like she just got touched for the very first time (and touched deeply).

Things are coming up red as roses for J-Lo, who saw fight to symbolize such 'getting some at 43' statement with a super tight red dress out to dinner in the Big Apple for her birthday. I'm looking, closely, and I see nothing but veteran hotness. Enjoy.

MSM Flesh-Filled Roundup Includes Jennifer Lopez, Anna Paquin, and Ali Cobrin All Topless (VIDEO)


Dark Knight Rises is all the movie world is currently talking about, but as our friends Mr. Skin would say, he has a trio of home viewing movie options for you that will make your knight rise in your pants (okay, so he's still the master of the naughty pun).

This week's 60-seconds of celluloid bare chesty goodness contained Jennifer Lopez topless in U-Turn and Money Train, Ann Paquin nekkid in Margaret, and Ali Cobrin highlighted once more for her D-cups in American Reunion. Enjoy.

(And don't forget to sign up for your own inexpensive but massively entertaining Mr. Skin account.)

Jennifer Lopez Red Hot Bikini Summer Brings Veteran Visuals to Brazil

Give it up for Jennifer Lopez. I mean, the wealthy, successful, mom with the new young rebound boyfriend is looking mighty bikini-ogle worthy on the beaches of Brazil once more, this time demanding attention in a red hot bikini that could be seen for miles around, like a beacon of the veteran sextastic.

Maybe this is a J-Lo renaissance. A renewed hot and heavy concert tour, big time TV hostess duties, and bumping uglies with a dude half her age nightly, this could be Jen's midlife crisis turned blessed visuals for all of us. Let's hope. Enjoy.

Jennifer Lopez Rainy Concert Performance For the Wet MILFtastic Showgirl Win

The show must go on.

Jennifer Lopez refused to quit her concert in Brazil while the showers poured down over her veteran hot body like beads of sweat from heavenly oglers above. And her hard worked body did not quit the show either as she Flashdanced her away around stage pumping out her admittedly craptastic over-produced and re-dubbed pop music, but, still, showing the kids why she's still got plenty of hotness left in her performance tanks. It was wet, wild, and J-Licious. Enjoy.

Jennifer Lopez Drops a Leg Spreading Performance in Rio

Say what you want about Jennifer Lopez, about 'time for mom to retire', and yes, we hear the slams out there, but this hot MILF has still got some serious rope left in her lasso, and she was letting out some line on stage in Rio last night, where, granted, we'd likely be wearing ear plugs, and, yes, it's all lip-synched, and, yes, there are hella foppish dancers ever-encircling her (including her new boyfriend), BUT, J-Lo still owns the stage, still manages to bend her curvy body into muy desirable states of contortion, and she's still on our top 10 list of moms who need a good spanking. So, there.