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Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba, or Kim Kardashian, Who’s the Hottest Business Woman?

I’m a modern type of guy, so I fully support the lovely ladies of Celebrityville getting all decked out in their business attire to run their various ventures or attend their important meetings. I suppose you could say these ladies don’t really need the paycheck to get by, but they do dress their finest to go and get it regardless, which makes me want to hold up a sign and walk in a march of some kind.

THis past weekend, Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba, and Kim Kardashian all hit the streets of L.A. on their way to very important meetings. All three ladies spent some amount of time getting into their occupational wardrobe, looking mighty stellar. But, who is the most sextastic of our business ladies? Who is the woman you want to have that 80′s soft-core Skinemax office romance with late night at the office? Who is looking the work-ready finest?

Who Was the Finest Looking Working Girl?

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READER FINDS: Jessica Hart Topless, Noomi Rapace Nekkid, Jennifer Garner Crazy Hot, and Much Much More

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What a week it has been in the world of the fine and faptastic celebrity hotties. The whirlwind of emotions I feel in any given week is often hard to handle. I wish we lived in a more civil time when men could punch the crap out of each other to cover their real human feelings. Alas, we don’t, but there’s still booze, and the kindness of simply the best audience since Al Gore invented this thing we call the Internet. And each Friday the audience gets together like a rogue ocean wave removing the bikini top off an unsuspecting hottie to produce something we like to call Reader Finds.

This week’s Reader Finds includes Sophie Howard young and scrumptious and topless (thank you to EgoReader ‘Jason’), Jennifer Garner in a smoking hot James White photoshoot almost a decade old now (kudos to ‘Brian B.’), the under-appreciated Gina Gershon looking wicked herself in a Daniela Federici shoot (pleasant surprises by way of ‘Como’), A.J. Michalka and Aly Michalka in a recent sweltering bikini photoshoot (sisterly visual delights provided by ‘Teresa’), Cindy Crawford young and topless (whoa, way back contribution from ‘Damon’), Elizabeth Olsen topless in Martha Marcy May Marlene (a second look at her twin peaks from ‘Owen’), Stacey Dash topless on the silver screen (dash away dash away spirit via ‘Edmund’), Julianne Nicholson full frontal nekkid in her own quite moving picture (just so much goodness  from ‘T.O.’), Jessica Alba amazing body show in Good Luck Chuck (Alba anything anytime sextastic sent by ‘Justin’), thespian delight Shari Shattuck in her onscreen topless performance (ta-ta’s provided by ‘Deina’), Noomi Rapace nekkid lesbionics in one smoking righteous cinematic moment (Sapphic sushi slamming from the mind of ‘Danielle’), Nicollette Sheridan flashing her hot body in lingerie in a silly film (silly hotness distributed by ‘Ochoa’), Colombian hottie Alma Rodriguez topless in Soho magazine (sultry Latina goodness via ‘Dez’), again with Jennifer Garner and a niplslip on set (seems at least semi-legit to quit from ‘Mike’), Jessica Hart topless photos of various hot kinds (contributed thoughtfully by ‘Chris’), quite fetching topless Scheana Marie from her turn in Femme Fatales (eagle-eyed by EgoReader ‘Bob’), glamourous globe revealer Sam Bowden schoolgirl striptease (oh, naughty thing donated by ‘Syllo’), and finally, some wicked hot photos of Bulgarian models from our photographer friend and long-time reader Kiril Stanoev. Just perfectly naughty nice work. Enjoy.

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Run, Jennifer Garner, Run

It’s got to be tough knowing your being followed by cameramen on your jogs. Personally, I’d have to go more than fifty feet at a time before taking my ten minute slow walking smoke breaks. You just need to keep up appearances for the public. Jennifer Garner doubly so being a hot mom and former TV star sextastic thespianic.

So Jen knew full well she had to look good in her workout wardrobe (check) and had to spring through the streets of Santa Monica like an insane workout queen. Now, after birthing the ten to twenty Affleck kids, Jennifer isn’t perhaps as long and lean as her Alias former self, but she’s still got the ‘Soul’ going on and on. Lust lingers long in the heart, and even longer in the pantaloons. Enjoy.

Chrissy Teigen Braless and Jennifer Garner Whale Tail Signal the Coming of a Great Week

At the start of each week I look for some kind of sign that this is going to be a wonderful five-day adventure. This week, the tea leaves pointed me toward a seemingly unrelated concurrence of Chrissy Teigen walking the streets of Manhattan poking proudly and Jennifer Garner flashing most all of her thong to the kids at the local Farmer’s Market on the opposite side of the country. Unrelated to the untrained eye perhaps. But Egotastic! sees the duality in the sextastic of ladies’ undergarments choices.

Chrissy going without a bra, Jennifer electing to flash her panties with low rise jeans and the constant need to adjust kids in strollers. Each blessed lady with a different approach. Each fitting like a piece into the jigsaw puzzle of what I am certain is going to be a spectacular week ahead. Enjoy.

Olivia Wilde, Ashley Greene, and Jennifer Garner Melting Hot at ‘Butter’ Screening in N.Y.

The film Butter seems like it’s been around for a while now, showing at festivals and slowing rolling out into theaters I guess again this Fall. If you check today’s Reader Finds, you’ll see some nice screencaps of Olivia Wilde with some outrageous nipple pokes from the film.

Olivie Wilde was on hand with co-stars Jennifer Garner and Ashley Greene last night in The Big Apple for a promotional screening of the film about a girl who is wicked good at carving butter. And the ladies were wicked hot. Hot enough to melt the butter in your pants. Actually, that’s not butter. But you get the idea. Enjoy.

I Will Never Give Up My Lust for Jennifer Garner

Not when she continues to look this hot when dolled up.

Okay, granted, Jennifer Garner has turned in her full-time hotness card for full-time motherhood. Think she’s on to her 11th kid now or something, whatever it is, it’s making Ben Affleck look like a worn-out male lion, and she has traded the clingy clothes for mom jeans, and there is the new fuller body and, etc., etc. etc.  But when Jennifer Garner shows up on the red carpet as she did last night for the premiere of The Odd Life of Timothy Green, well, I’ll be damned if I’m expelling her from my fap bank any time soon.

IMHO, still wicked hot. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Nip Slip on ‘The Bachelor’, Jennifer Garner Sideboob, Monica Bellucci Nip Peeks, Uma Thurman Nekkid, and Much More…


Yep, it’s our very favorite time of the week. Friday. The boxed wine is already on ice. The Girl Scout Cookies borrowed from that one young scout not paying careful enough attention to her supply outside the grocery store have been cracked open. And the escorts-by-the-minute are about to arrive for their most auspicious duties. But the end of week is never complete without the blessed relief of our blessed readers’ finds. The uncovering of all things boobtastic and fantastic in the mediasphere of hot bodied celebrity awesome. And you never fail to deliver.

This week’s funbag filled Reader Finds includes Kelly Brook in a teasy lingerie photoshoot, a nip slip caught on The Bachelor TV show, Jennifer Garner classic sideboob, Monica Bellucci hot topless artsy photoshoot, Uma Thurman nekkid on the beach, Seren Gibson flashing perhaps the worlds’ finest natural pair, Lucy Pinder doing what she does best, Bar Refaeli hot and see-through, Canadian pro-wrestler Gail Kim flashing her turnbuckles, former Miss Teen USA Lyndsey Evans flashing for the Bunny, and German fashion model Micaela Schaefer exhibiting topless wonderments. Yep, it’s chocked-full today.

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