Gorgeous Jen Garner Looking Sexy As Ever At Her Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Ceremony

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aldo-vallon - August 21, 2018

If there was a pool going where I had to pick who would still be the hottest actress when she is fifty, I would pick Jennifer Garner. Admittedly, I would be arriving a little late to the game. It is like betting money on a football game in the final quarter. Jennifer Garner is already 46, and if you could not tell that from these pictures then that only proves that she would be the best pick for that pool.

I rarely show that level of confidence in another person. I wouldn’t even put my money on myself to look decent in my older age, and I have control over that. I won’t even claim my genetics would be the biggest factor. I know my lifestyle, and it pretty much makes me a human cesspool for bad health decisions.

I think the only way that Jennifer could end up losing that pool would be if she met an untimely demise, and that would be a real kick to the gonads for more reasons than just losing that money. I pray that is not the case, because I hope to be looking at that mug of hers for years to come.


Photo Credit: Splash News / Instagram / Backgrid USA