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I Saw Jaime Pressly on TVLand, Now You Get to See Jaime Pressly Topless in Playboy

Jaime Pressly Topless Bakery Photoshoot for Playboy
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I do miss this game. This udderly delicious turn at seeing one sextastic celebrity hottie clothed by day, or last night actually when I saw Jaime Pressly in her new TV series, Jennifer Falls. And then by day, see her in one of her exquisitely classic topless pictorials in Playboy Magazine from our friends at Playboy Plus, a site that if you don’t belong, you’re simply not wasting time on the Internet properly.

Jaime Pressly has been in the news of late both for her new TV show and for talk about some medical issues related to her breast health. We obviously root for all women on Egotastic!, and we obviously root a bit harder for women who are so hot they make our toes burn just from imagining them on top of us on top of hot cement. Why the cement? I’m not sure, I never question my dreams.

Jaime Pressly and oh, a thousand of her super hot celebrity model and actress nekkid friends can be had on Playboy Plus for just $5.83/month now for Egotastic! readers. If you can think of a better way to spend a few bucks a month than perusing an infinite amount of hot photo and video content of Playmates and celebrities, then I’d like to know. Okay, yes, grandma needs to eat, but outside of that, get Playboy Plus. Enjoy life a little more.

Jaime Pressly Bikini Booty Vacation Visuals South of the Border

You know if you’re going down Mexico way and donning your little bikini, we are going to find you. It’s just part of our prime directive. Must show celebrity sextastic in all its preferably candid glory. Candidly hot such as Jaime Pressly parading around the pool and beach in a couple different bikinis, both showing off her wonderful body and that tightly toned thumper of hers.

It’s hard not to have a crush on Jaime from head to toe. I can imagine a bikini beach vacation being rather run with her around. A couple rum punches, some light shopping, followed by me begging for sex for the next six hours. Persistence is my primary move. Jaime, that booty of yours is simply dream inspiring. Left cheek, right cheek, oh, where to begin my journey into Candyland. Enjoy.

Jaime Pressly Throws Down With Estella Warren; Let’s Look at Jaime Nekkid

Jaime Pressly Hot Topless Photoshoot in Playboy
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Depending on who you believe, either Estella Warren stole Jaime Pressly’s assistant’s purse last weekend and Jaime tracked her down to a Hollywood nightclub where the two ended up in an altercation, or, Jaime Pressly just lost her shit. Or both I suppose. Given that Estella Warren not so long ago was punching cops in the face while drunk off her ass, you want to believe Jaime’s side of the story. But let’s examine the nekkid facts.

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Thanks to our friends at Playboy Plus we have a solid view of the potential crime scene, or a body so hot on Jaime Pressly that it ought to be illegal. Hmm, I’m looking her up and down and she seems to be an honest person. She’s definitely not hiding any weapons. In the end, I choose to support  Jaime, with all my heart, and both of my hands. Enjoy.

UPDATE: Playboy Plus just added, oh, 5,000 new galleries of individual models to their library. That doesn’t sound all kinds of awesome. Check out the new page for Tiffany Fallon, if you’re a strong man that is.

Jaime Pressly Bikini Pictures, Adrianne Curry Naughtiness, and Sara Jean Underwood Partying with Friends Headline This Week’s Sextastic Twitpic Roundup

We are really digging hard on celebrity Twitpics these days; with the ever growing trend of super hotties doing half our work, and taking us deep into their private spaces. Not necessarily the private spaces for which we’d pay a kidney to visit, but private enough to get the cheap thrills that fill our life tanks.

This week’s Celebrity Sextastic Twitpic Roundup includes Jaime Pressly showing off her hot bikini body, Adrianne Curry getting cheeky with her chest cheeks, Sara Jean Underwood posing with Candace Bailey in a sandwich we’d kill to be the meat in, Jennifer Love Hewitt flashing cleavetastic, and much much more. Check it out. And, enjoy.

Jaime Pressly Gets All Super Hot Mom Like in Short Shorts and a Tank Top at the Park

Okay, we did cut out the kid from the hot mom and kid photos from the park, because we just had to share Jaime Pressly in short shorts and tank tops at the park, because, well, I want her to be my mom.

I know I say that about every MILFtastic celebrity out there, but I’m pretty sure this My Name Is Earl sextastic blonde is the woman to finally fulfill my Adult Nursing Relationship deep seeded needs. I doubt Jaime needs my money, or that I really have any money, still, I’d like to pay a little just to make it naughtier. 

Moms should not look like Jaime Pressly did in the park, it’s simply unfair. Enjoy.

Brooklyn Decker Leads List of Hotties (Once Again) at the ESPY Awards

Just like last year, super model sportsy hottie Brooklyn Decker took the title of sexiest red carpet babe at last night’s ESPY Awards in Los Angeles. She’ll probably win that particular title until she actually drops out of the competition. I love the ESPYs for the mere fact that there’s absolutely no reason to have these awards other than to bring together a bunch of big named professional athletes with a bunch of big named super sexy celebrities, and, therein, is plenty reason enough.

In addition to Brooklyn Decker, ESPY sextastic standouts included lesbionic awesome Amber Heard, sportscaster hottie Erin Andrews, boobtastic Kendra Wilkinson, TV hostess Jill Wagner, hot TV actress Jaime Pressly, Bethany Hamilton, the world’s sexiest one-armed surfer, Indy driver Danica Patrick, model Damaris Lewis, sexy-thesp Kerry Washington, Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn, and our recently featured amazingly hot Rachel Nichols.

Quite a shot. Enjoy.

Jaime Pressly Taut, Tight, Underwear Shopping Reminds Me About First Falling in Lust With Her


Poison Ivy, the Seduction. That’s when I first fell head over tingly-feelings for hot blonde Jaime Pressly. Yeah, it was just another Skinemax-esque video sequel to the kind of over-wrought original cinematic Poison Ivy film series that previously featured the likes of Drew Barrymore and Alyssa Milano, but something about those eyes (and, by eyes, I mean those amazing bare tatas) and that tight body in and out of clothes, in and out of pools, champagne showers, it all came together in one blessed Jaime Pressly lust tattoo on my still-forming libido, never to be forgotten.

Such it was that upon seeing Jaime Pressly in these candids in her tight white tank top, all fit and shapely and looking amazing while out buying silky little underthings, of all things, well, I got me an itch for a little Poison Ivy Seduction redux. There are many paths an actress can take in her career; Jaime Pressly may not see it this way, but I think she hit a homerun in nearly her first at-bat. Enjoy.

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