Jaime Pressly Gets All Super Hot Mom Like in Short Shorts and a Tank Top at the Park

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bill-swift - February 29, 2012

Okay, we did cut out the kid from the hot mom and kid photos from the park, because we just had to share Jaime Pressly in short shorts and tank tops at the park, because, well, I want her to be my mom.

I know I say that about every MILFtastic celebrity out there, but I'm pretty sure this My Name Is Earl sextastic blonde is the woman to finally fulfill my Adult Nursing Relationship deep seeded needs. I doubt Jaime needs my money, or that I really have any money, still, I'd like to pay a little just to make it naughtier. 

Moms should not look like Jaime Pressly did in the park, it's simply unfair. Enjoy.