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Irina Shayk And Adriana Lima Hug Dreamily At The Chopard Gold Party

I don’t know much about the Chopra watch brand other than I’m guessing their Gold timepieces cost more than my Hello Kitty knockoff Swatch and I failed to receive my invitation to their swank bit of party night in Cannes. Meanwhile, half of the hot models in the city seemed to get their parchment copy with time, date, and location. Hmm, this could be a conspiracy.

There were a number of hot and lovelies gracing the red carpet of this event including Sara Sampaio, Michelle Rodriguez, and Lindsay Ellingson, but when Irina Shayk and Adriana Lima hugged I nearly spit out my gonads. Wait, what? I mean, it was a very emotional and heartfelt moment that reminded me of the humanity inside all of us, also, the boners. I’m just being honest. Those two girls hugging comes straight out of my many a REM sleep night fantasy where supermodels hug each other then rock-paper-scissor to see who gets the first round of Uncle Bill magic. Maybe a hair pulling instead of rock-paper-scissors. My dreams are flexible. So are these girls. I bet this party was better than horrible. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

Irina Shayk’s Booty Cheek Perfection In Tiny Bikinis

I feel somewhat remorseful now that I wasn’t around to cuddle and hold Irina Shayk after her soccer boyfriend breakup. I mean, I don’t feel bad for her, mostly for myself. The rebound is clearly my best shot at ever getting to braid Irina’s hair as we lay naked across a bed of plucked daisies. Not that I’ve ever thought of that.

Irina has laid low a bit since her split, though a body like this Russian model’s glorious form can never be taking off the line for long. She’s back and booty cheek flashing because the gods demand it. As do I, a less angel, because those hot bottom buns need to be seen, and felt, and quite possibly heard if you put your ear to them. Irina Shaky in a bikini is a thing of great beauty. You may cry now or however you express yourself at such sights. Either way, shut the door. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Selfie Magazine 

Irina Shayk Barely Covered For Harper’s Bazaar China

Drop dead gorgeous professional hot person Irina Shayk is looking incredible and barely dressed in Harper’s Bazaar China. Irina is wearing what amounts to a fancy apron with her booty hanging out of the back. Irina has a truly amazing thumper. I would like to dip it in bronze and hang it over my mantlepiece to admire every morning. She’s also sporting the best kind of bra: an arm. I do so love a good covered topless picture. I really like Irina. She’s got that certain something that I can’t put my finger on, but I sure would like to.

I had no idea there was a Harper’s Bazaar China. That doesn’t seem very communist, does it?

Photo Credit: Koray Birand For Harper’s Bazaar China

Irina Shayk Single and Ready to Mingle in Hot Bits of Boudoir Clothing

Obviously, nobody sadder than I to hear about Irina Shayk breaking up with her silly soccer playing little boyfriend. Whatever his name is. Already forgot. But I shall never, in a million billion years forget the tingles I receive whenever I look at the beautiful Russian brunette turned international modeling sensation. And when she’s in her little bits of bedroom clothing, oh those tingles turn right into shakes.

Modeling for XTI clothing, which apparently makes boudoir apparel for ladies with ridiculously hot bodies, Irina Shayk shows exactly why she won’t be single for long. Sure, there’ll be talk about how she loves her new found independence, but if there’s not a billionaire or movie star holding her on his arm within eight weeks, I’ll be surprised. Which means I need to act fast. Grow my handlebar mustache and buy some nice shoes and maybe a briefcase. I hope she doesn’t run credit checks. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: XTI Clothing

Irina Shayk Wears Thong Leotard For Love Advent (VIDEO)

Oh, Irina Shayk, how you can move mountains with the simple shake of your booty. Let alone what you can do when you put your whole hot body into your work. The Love Magazine Advent video rolls have been something of a mixed bag this Christmas season, with perhaps some of the best saved for last in the heavenly black and white form of the Russian supermodel. Granted, these were not designed specifically for the manfolk this holiday season, so within the realm of what must be deemed artistic interpretation, you could do much worse than Irina in panties and leather bustier posing her body to and fro.

Naturally, it’s my dream to have Irina before my cameras and encourage her to make love to the lens. Then of course to the man behind the lens. Hey, it’s my dream. Get your own. Rest assured it involves Irina dancing in skimpy little bits of nothing. That booty. And a ring bell that goes off every five minutes for ice cream sandwich breaks. A man needs his fuel. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Doug Inglish & Love Magazine

See Irina Dance About in the Video »

Irina Shayk Black Leather Bra, Dancing, Yep, You’ll Want to See This

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, hmm, I wonder what Irina Shayk might look like dancing about in a black leather bra. I wonder such things myself nearly constantly as a matter of fact.

Our friends at WWTDD have been tracking the various Love Advent Calendar peeks this month, including the newly released Irina Shayk in a bra and leotard photos and video. I’d check it out if you like the feeling of happy. Enjoy.

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