Irina Shayk

Irina Shayk Leggy Wearing Short Denim Shorts In NYC

Ah,  Irina Shayk. Is there a better pair of legs out there in the sexy leggasphere? Only Taylor Swift comes close to rivaling the sheer shapely hottness of Irina’s stems. She showed off her perfect set in a pair of short shorts in the West Village in New York City. The last hot days of summer are winding down here in New York and soon the hotties will be storing their legs for winter. So, we must enjoy them while we can. As if Irina’s legs aren’t enough of a treat, she also exposed her tight tummy in a bare-midriff shirt. She’s also got one of the best stomachs out there. If you disagree you are, quite simply, wrong. I will go so far as to say that I will fight to defend the hottness of her tight, toned abs against all naysery. Yes, I know that isn’t a word but that’s how strongly I feel about it.

I’ve got to start migrating to warmer climates in the winter to follow the hottness. I’d be kind of like a duck, only I would travel thousands of miles to ogle sexy ladies. Worth it.

Irina Shayk Animal Booty Hot Bikini Body for Agua Bendita

There’s really nothing Irina Shayk can’t make hot. Granted, bikini body and hot animal face booty posing is what she was born to do. But she could take out the trash in her heavyset sister’s burqa and still give the world a solid woody. That’s raw awesome power. The kind of power that makes me weak in the knees when leering at her incredibly alluring body in these Agua Bendita catalog photos for their new bikini line.

As you know, the definition of swimsuit or lingerie marketing genius is to hire Irina Shayk to model your wares and then claim yourself a wunderkind when sales go through the roof. It really is so simple. And, yet, so incredibly hot. If that shot of Irina’s booty with the lupine face doesn’t send you into a fit, you just don’t love animals enough. Enjoy.

Irina Shayk White Panties Peek on the Set of Extra

You don’t get much more upskirt than Irina Shayk and her floating wind-assisted skirt on the set of Extra. The ridiculously hot Russian was at Universal Studios promoting the upcoming Hercules movie when Mother Nature gave us a benevolent blast and titled Irina’s flimsy summer skirt up to the heavens, revealing her own slice of eternal sunshine in the form of white panties over her precious tender loving area.

Irina Shayk deserves all the notoriety she’s receiving. For the past few years, she’s brought us so much joy with her sultry hot looks and crazy steamy body parts. I can only wish her the best as she ventures into film, and hopefully many more wardrobe malfunctions to come. So damn hot! Enjoy.

Irina Shayk Lingerie Pictures Will Probably Kill You, But You’ll Die Happy

Once again, I say, if you want to sell bikinis or underwear, don’t be the dolt in marketing who needs to come up with the new idea. Check the project budget and figure out a way to hire Irina Shayk to model your silky little bits. There is simply no better way to create a must-buy sensation among your audience than by seeing the wicked hot Russian model preening and posing in your fineries. Naturally, I may only be speaking for the man folk who use fake names perhaps to purchase these undergarments, but by the sheer volume of her work, I’m guessing these companies are also finding tremendous sales upticks with Irina Shayk’s supremely hot body leading their promotional charge.

Irina Shayk could see water to a drowning man, provided that water were carried in the cup of her recently removed bra. At that point, you just stop fighting and know that you’re going to a far better place with the taste of Irina Shayk funbag in your mouth. Things could be worse. Enjoy.

Irina Shayk Leggy Sextastic Goodness Pimping Hercules in London

It was only a matter of time before the gloriously hot Irina Shayk got into the movies. Not that I’d expect a deep range of characters from the sextastic Russian model, but in terms of playing the femme fatales past or present, how can you not see Irina Shayk as a dangerous woman who toys with men’s souls? You don’t need to be Hercules to understand the Herculean tasks you’d perform at her behest.

Irina was in London promoting the film at a photo call in a zipped up tiny dress I’d surely love to unzip (above), and a little leather top in the evening’s after party in London, looking all kinds of ‘Man, I wish she was my date’ kind of visual stunning:

I’ve yet to see the film so I can’t comment on the cinematic quality. I can say that nobody’s ever been hurt by including a half-dressed Irina Shayk in their venture. If I was back in grade school doing Show and Tell, I’d bring in Irina Shayk to class and I could probably skip the Tell part altogether. I’d have been way more popular. Irina Shayk makes everything better. Enjoy.

Irina Shayk Looking Hot Leaving the Chiltern Firehouse in London

Irina Shayk Flashes Legs Flagging Down a Cab in NYC

Russian model and Swimsuit Issue queen Irina Shayk was spotted looking hot in NYC. She was wearing an outfit that showed off her luscious long legs and her lovely shoulders. Like a lot of models, Irina has long legs. That much is easy and is mostly genetics. But unlike many models who have skinny chicken legs, Irina’s are actually nice. More than nice, friggin’ amazing. Like seriously, look at them. Stare at them like one of those trick pictures of a boat from the 90′s and see the face of God or something. In addition to astounding legginess, this outfit also hugged her nice round booty as well. Again, unlike a lot of models she actually has a nice butt. My abuelo used to tell me that you can never trust a woman with a flat butt. Those are words that I live by, my friends.

I am so happy that it is scantily clad time in New York. Screw Christmastime, this is the best time of the year.