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Amber Heard, Jennifer Connelly, Heather Graham, and Shiri Appleby All Flashing Funbags in This Week’s Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

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Oh, the dog days of summer are upon us. I say this mostly because I found my own dog chewing up my favorite pair of Chuck Taylor All-Star shoes last night in what I can only describe as a canine act of suicide by cop. I spared the rod, because I am a sucker for animals with long noses, though I did have a lengthy if not graphic conversation with Mr. Bones about what happens to bad dogs who get sent to the pound. I don’t see that aberrant behavior returning for at least a week.

This week’s Mr. Skin Minute includes the delicious Amber Heard not nekkid in Paranoia out this weekend, but quite sexy-scene topless in The Informers, a double feature on Blu-Ray of Jennifer Connelly topless in The Hot Spot and Heather Graham full topless frontal in Killing Me Softly, and Shiri Appleby topless in Girls Season 2 now also out on Blu-Ray. It’s a lot of ta’s. Deal with it.

And, while you may forget your job and your wife and kids, do not forget to get in on the EgoReader discounted membership with Mr. Skin. I know not a soul who has ever felt this wasn’t one of their favorite online memberships ever.

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Heather Graham Bikini Pictures Blue But So Very Happy Down Rio Way

Blessed be, more Heather Graham bikini pictures from her vacation down in Brazil, along the beach, flashing her 40-something veteran hottie goodness. Last week’s bikini photos were truly a Heather revelation. Today’s, the proverbial icing on a cake I would surely like for dessert each and every evening. You’ve got to wash that Ramen down with something and a slice of Heather Graham seems to be the perfect culmination for a hardcore appetite.

Personally, I feel like we short shrifted  Heather’s gloriously glowing backside last week, so I’m glad she took her turns to the waterfront to allow us a solid view of her still mighty squeeze worthy little dumper. It’s a thing going on there down below. A really wonderful thing. Bless you again, Heather Graham. Enjoy.

Heather Graham Bikini Pictures Are Brazilian Waxed and Ready for Fun

Talk about a mini-Renaissance. Heather Graham has been all over the place of late and has been looking nonstop sweet everywhere she goes. But that’s Hollywood. Dolled up Tinsel Town. Makeup, wardrobe, the whole bit. I wonder what Heather still looks like in a bikini candid on the beach? Well — blammo! Yep, still super hot.

You know I love nothing more than when a veteran hottie shows that she can take on any girl half her age in the sextastic department. Throw in the wisdom gained from life experience, not to mention many making of the sexy romps, and Heather Graham is entering some very hallowed dream state territory. Good on you, Heather. Enjoy.

Heather Graham Fully Frontal, Rooney Mara Topless, and True Blood Boobtastic in the Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

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I know we’re in the thick of the blockbuster movie season, but, as always, our ballbuster movie aficionados at Mr. Skin have compiled a short list of what to see on the screen this weekend if you happen to be one of those guys who likes seeing sextastic celebrities baring their bodies. That would be 99.9% of you. The remainder of the audience here is my mom and the cousins.

This week’s Mr. Skin Minute features Heather Graham not topless in Hangover III, but definitely flashing all in Boogie Nights, Rooney Mara getting topless and jiggy with it in Side Effects now out on Blu-Ray, and similarly out now the fifth season of True Blood featuring various and assorted sweet looking supernatural ladies taking off their clothes. It’s all good and all within the privacy of your own home viewing experience. Enjoy.

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Heather Graham Still Got the Cleavage Mojo Working at ‘Hangover 3′ Premiere

Here’s to hoping that Hangover 3 re-captures some of the brilliance from the original and ties it all together in a neat little cinematic package. And here’s to even greater hoping that Heather Graham will be sitting next to me in the theater letting me share some of her popcorn. And, by popcorn, of course, I mean her still delicious looking body that was on display last night at the Hollywood premiere of the film.

Now, some of you have been leering at Heather Graham since her teen coming out hottie party in License to Drive with the two Corey’s back in the 80′s. Others since Boogie Nights for sure. And some newcomers since seeing her in About Cherry. Either way, you’ve felt the rush of Heather Graham inspired tingly happy feelings. They really never go away. And at 43, she’s still delivering the very same. Good on you, Heather. Enjoy.

Heather Graham Red Carpet Red Hotness Still Makes Us Feel Extra Special Tingly

Hard to imagine but it’s been 15 years since Boogie Nights and Swingers put Heather Graham onto the libidinal maps of every man and woman digging woman on this planet above the age of first lust and, quite frankly, it’s been a non-stop run of Heather-desire in the years since, speaking on our own personal desire-meter behalves.

Turning 42 this week, Heather Graham still well brings the super hot celebrity heat both onscreen in baring daring roles and at public dress-up events, like the Rachel Zoe event last night where Rachel was honored for being a super person, and where Heather Graham hit the red carpet in a red dress that ever reminded us of our fantasy to not eat for three days straight then find Heather Graham in our bedroom wrapped from head to toe in nothing but a ginormous Tropical flavored Fruit Rollup.  Oh, yes, on that night we would get the flavor of 10% real fruit juice the old fashioned way. 

Thank you, Heather, for continuing to just look hot. Enjoy.

Heather Graham Wins a Lifetime Achievement Award; It All Makes Sense in the Bahamas

Let’s be honest, the Bahamas International Film Festival isn’t exactly Cannes or Sundance, it’s got to dig a little deep to get the bigger named thespianics to visit the tiny island nation in support of cinema. So, first thing you do to attract talent, well, you just be the Bahamas in December with an average monthly weather outlook of warm and sunny beaches. That helps. The next thing you do is find a veteran hottie like Heather Graham and give her a Lifetime Achievement Award for her acting talents. Now, no doubt, we’ve been delighting in the sextastic wonderments of Heather Graham for pretty much our entire lifetime, or at least since we started locking ourselves in the bathroom for privacy, but this still seems like a bit of a cinematic stretch. But, it’s the Bahamas, baby. And Heather Graham brought her A-hottie-game out for the show and earned every inch of her every hot inch. 

Congratulations, Heather. Enjoy.