Anja Rubik At Home For Zara!

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Tex Hollywood - May 13, 2020

Anja Rubik is a 36 year old Polish model who has been working in the industry for many many years.

We've seen her do a wide variety of campaigns and photoshoots in that time and a lot of her work has involved some Topless for Fashion! So we are fans.

Despite being "retirement" age for a model, she is still at it, this time for a campaign for Zara.

It's not quite her most salacious work, but I think it is interesting to see how the are producing their editorial shoots under the lockdowns.

It is safe to say that a mall brand like Zara is hardly an essential business, so what loopholes are being jumped through to execute a photoshoot. Maybe they shot this in Poland where you can buy freedom in exchange for a pair of Levis and a Michael Jackson Record, at least in the cold war era Poland I've seen in the movies.

They call this the Stay Home shoot, I am not too sure whether these are selfies all styled by her or if their was a team involved, but she still looks awesome regardless!

She is in a Nude Shoot! over on AllStars that you may prefer!

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