Gwen Stefani

I Am An Unashamed Fan of Gwen Stefani’s Tummy

I also happen to like her music. Or did. Or not really her music so much as her stage shows and raw sexuality that I'm quite certain was meant just for me. She did always seem to be looking right at me through the screen. Which is somewhat embarrassing only because I was rarely dressed myself.

And Gwen Stefani has still got it going on. Ten years later. Mommyhood. Has not stopped Gwen from flashing skin and that especially noteworthy bare-midriff of hers in public. I don't know, maybe that sucks for her kids who have to have the mom who's flashing her navel in public. Too bad, kids. Suck it up. You have your entire adult lives to discuss it with your therapists. We just want a few minutes with your mom. Enjoy.

Even Fat Christina Aguilera and Her BBW Funbags Could Not Save the 2012 American Music Awards from Suckitude

We try so hard to be positive here at Egotastic!. We really do, even if it means drinking cheap booze just to feel joy over some god-awful situation in the terrain that we cover. Heck, we'll go there. But there's really no saving the American Music Awards, which to be fair, have had decent moments in past years, but with the AMA creator Dick Clark no longer with us, well, it's probably time to bury the award show as well.

Yeah, I'm the old man yelling at the kids to get off the lawn, but if the kids on my lawn are listening and watching and awarding this kind of craptastic musical fare, they deserve more than just a scolding. I was rooting for Christina Aguilera to get back into the closet, but like a baby's head crowning into the new world, there's no way they were going to get fat Christina back through that prop doorway. We tried to focus like a laser beam on her cleave, but forces of nature, most notably gravity, compelled us to gaze at her 1980's NHL goon body and wonder how much raw material went into her costume and if it could have possibly been put to better use building refugee tent cities in war-torn distance lands.

That being said, we of course found some silver linings to the super-gray AMAs, in the form of Gwen Stefani, who marked her return to the album and concert circuit, Carrie Underwood, one of the biggest underrated hotties in the land, and Carly Rae Jepsen, who we think is cute, but admittedly mostly follow awaiting her alleged sex tape to leak.

All in all, the entire evening felt like a Village People reunion out at the airport Hilton cocktail lounge. And we missed sports for this!

Katy Perry and Gwen Stefani Highlight the Chest-Lights at Vogue Fashion Event

Vogue threw some kind of fashion fundraiser event in L.A. yesterday, and I only know two thing: first, we were told not to show up, and two, number one really pissed us off because nobody knows more about high fashion and overpriced clothing, not to mention anorexic female models, than we do. Nevertheless, we still snuck in, natch, and saw a couple sights in the form of Katy Cocktease and her full-bosom rack with her ever-hint of cleavage, and our belusted no-doubter, Gwen Stefani, far too stylish for our tastes, but still one of the women we have warm thoughts about each evening as we put our heads to sleep on our original Han Solo Star Wars pillow cases.

Two women, four boobs, one swank party. It sure beat another night at the Sizzler salad bar smelling the Bac-o bits for ripeness. Enjoy.

Gwen Stefani Rocking Body Ready to Rock the World This Winter

Oh, man, how we dig MILFtastic pop rocker Gwen Stefani, a young lust turned to veteran passion, all induced by that minxy rocker chick body of hers and how she likes to use it on stage.

Gwen was out in Studio City flashing some form fitting glimpses of what you can expect to see once more this winter as No Doubt goes out on tour and we find ourselves once more standing amid a crowd of screaming teen girls; only this time they won't be screaming at us to alert the police to our inadequate amount of clothing and alert state, but, rather, toward Gwen Stefani bouncing, popping, and exhibiting her finely toned motherly form prancing about on stage. And we'll be screaming too. We can't help it. Enjoy.

Gwen Stefani Flashes Serious MILFtastic Abs at NFL Season Launch Party

Football is back, thank god, and we're mighty happy about that, but the bigger news last night was the bare-midriff show put on by Gwen Stefani at the 2012 NFL Kick-Off Concert. Holy crap, moms are not supposed to have abs like that. It's kind of unfair.

But, if you got 'em, flaunt 'em, as Gwen did throughout the entire performance, daring anybody to call her a slouching mama. There's some serious working out going on in the Stefani home, in preparation no doubt too for what is expected to be a No Doubt tour next year following the release of their first new album in forever. And we suspect Gwen will be showing off that mid-section even more. Super yummy mother. Enjoy.

Gwen Stefani Still Has a Hot Middle Section (and Above and Below)

While Gwen Stefani continues her treks to the recording studio in Hollywood to keep working on the No Doubt album that has been promised by the end of this year. she continues to show why she's most definitely in the running for hot mom of the year awards her own badself, as she was flashing her bare-midriff and a sweet bikini body beneath her beach wear in Santa Monica, much to the stiffening chagrin of her music fans everywhere.

We've had the hots for Gwen Stefani for so long now, it's the kind of thing where you expect it to wane at some point, but, no, no sign of waning yet. Enjoy.

Kate Beckinsale, Selena Gomez, Ashley Greene, and Gwen Stefani Highlight the Hotness at Memorial Day Party in Malibu

Here's a riddle: what do you get when you mix together warm weather, a holiday weekend, and, Selena Gomez, Kate Beckinsale, Gwen Stefani, and Ashley Greene? Well, you get one hot-damn party that refused to let me in the front door, even when I brought a 3-lb container of Smart & Final potato salad, which I thought was rather generous on my part, even if I forgot to refrigerate it overnight.

Legendary Hollywood film producer, Joel Silver, had his annual mega-bigtime Malibu estate Memorial Day weekend when he invites all the hot celebs out to mingle, inter-mingle, and generally build a collective bit of group hotness that you don't usually get to see. Sextastic celebrities like the spotlight, so sharing with others, well, it's not that common. But everybody comes together for a pool party and potato chips! Enjoy.

(P.S. Not to be outdone, my Memorial Day backup party included the BBW twins from 3B who once again brought over their Twister game, insisted it was 'nude' Twister, drank all my Mike's Hard Lemonade, then both passed out in a pool of lemon-scented vomit in my bathroom, leaving me a three hour chore of dragging them individually back to their apartment. Firemen's carry be damned, I went for floor drag and I was about an hour away from using a chain saw  to start cropping more manageable chunks).