Gillian Jacobs

Gillian Jacobs Bikini Top Goodness for Nylon

I know we have some to many Gillian Jacobs fans out there, the guys who watch Community on repeat with the sound off perhaps. She is something of a fetching thespianic, the girl next door type if you were blessed to live next door to a girl who you thought about fondling day and night.

Featured in the new edition of Nylon magazine, Gillian shows that cross gender-appeal, a photoshoot designed for the ladies all cute and bouncy, but plenty hot enough for gentleman oglers to feel cute and bouncy themselves. Maybe not so much on the cute side, but definitely bouncy. Gillian Jacobs has the potential for Egotastic! greatness. We shall pray. Enjoy.

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LESBIONICS: Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs Lingerie Sexy Naughty in GQ

What to say about sexy dual minxes Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs from Community posing all faux-lesbionic for GQ magazine? Words are hard to find when your fantasy becomes reality right before your eyes. Here are the girls words from their interview:

“With a shoot like this, you’re negotiating these positions together: ‘Can you move your crotch a little to the left? Really get it up there.’ ”
“The next day we were texting each other: Are you sore, too?’ ”
“When you’re having sex with someone, it really is similar to putting yourself out there and saying, ‘I think this is funny and I hope you laugh.’ ”
“Fake it till you make it. That’s what my drama teacher used to say.”
“I don’t think she was talking about sex.”
“The episode where I made out with my supposed lesbian friend was the first time I’d kissed a girl. I was terrified.”
“Aw, Gil! You should have let me know! We could have practiced!”

Wow. Just, wow. Enjoy.

By Asgard’s Hammer! Kat Dennings Brings Some Mythical Funbags Out to Play at Thor Premiere

Okay, so it wasn't just Kat Dennings looking spectacularly sextastic at last night's Thor premiere; Gillian Jacobs, Elsa Patakay, and Jaimie Alexander all struck some ogle worthy poses in their own right, but it was Kat Dennings epic Valhalla guns that causes many a man to lose an eye on the red carpet. I mean, Odin himself was shape shifting into an excited animal upon laying eyes upon those flesh puppies. As to the movie, ah, we shall see come this Friday when the hammer-wielding Nordic takes to the theaters. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Gillian Jacobs and Alison Brie Almost Kissing, Katie Holmes Near Nip Slip, Sarah Shahi Real Nip Slip, and Brooke Shields Bare Sideboob?


Another week, another set of unique reader finds, some brand new, some archival, all right in my wheelhouse. Shoutout to Egotastic! superfan 'Antonio M.' for sending this recent twitpic of Community hottie actresses Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs getting it on, well, not quite, but, still, just enough to fuel my R.E.M. sleep cinema for a few weeks.

Big props to 'Chris K.' who has no problem shirking work to search the Internet for hot photos of our be-lusted and Xenu-manacled Katie Holmes, as in this amazing photograph of an almost Katie Holmes nip slip which only saddens us to think we may never see her boobtastic again.

Speaking of nipple slips and hot women, shoutout to Egotastic! diehard 'Ernie J.' for gifting us the gift of Sarah Shahi wardrobe malfunction and a view into the bare chestal region of this ridiculously hot actress.

Finally, and this one really could be a brilliant freeze-frame find, 'Cuenta D.' sent us a single frame from the 2005 powerhouse Tom Green film, Bob the Butler (no, you did not see it), where Brooke Shields appears to be letting loose a little bare sideboob. Could it be a comeback of the Shield's boob after a two decade absence? It seems so. Enjoy.

Gillian Jacobs is My New Favourite

If you haven't been watching NBC's new comedy, Community, you really should. It's one of the funniest shows on TV, unless you guys watch it, will get cancelled, and then I will be unhappy. And I will be unhappy not only because my favourite new show would no longer be on the air, but because my favourite new actress would no longer be on TV, too. I'm talking about Gillian Jacobs, the super cute, and super talented female lead on the show. She's great opposite Joel McHale (who's also really funny), and did I mention she's super hot? Did I also mention that Gillian Jacobs was topless in Choke last year? Well she was. And besides just being really hot and topless, she was actually really great and totally deadpan as a bimbo stripper.