Gillian Jacobs Chesty Hotness Deserves Your Attention

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bill-swift - February 23, 2016

Gillian Jacobs is definitely on my list of underrated hotties. She has many a fan, but simply isn't imagined by enough gentleman oglers in their fun time dreams as night as she should be. And, yes, like Santa, I know when you've been thinking naughty. 

Featured in Yahoo Style which admittedly seems a bit oxymoronic, Gillian shows off her classy but showy sides both in full force in this haute couture but chesty revealing lounge about the home in evening wear look. If Gillian were my girlfriend, excuse me, when, I'll probably insist upon her in cleavy dresses on Tuesdays and Thursdays and every other Saturdays. Other days obviously completed unclothed with the exception of cosplay days marked especially on the calendar. Wait until you see what I've laid out for you for Leap Day, Gillian. You really are a splendid bit of hotness. I hope more people notice soon. Though sharing is scary for me. Keep up the boobtastic work. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Yahoo Style

Gillian and Alison Brie in one of the best naughty shoots ever.