Gaelle Garcia Diaz

Gaelle Garcia Diaz (Covered) Topless for Tropical Spread in Che Magazine

When superhot supermodel Gaelle Garcia Diaz and our friends at Che magazine in Belgium get together, you know wonderfully sextastic things are afoot, and ahead, and all hot body parts in between. Once again, they’ve managed to employ the rather sizzling assets of this ridiculously sexy Spanish-to-Flemish immigrated model, place her in a tropical looking setting, dress her in some tiny swimsuits, or, you know, no swimsuit at all, and click away, much to the benefit of us gentleman oglers. Gaelle Garcia Diaz’ body is like work of art, only, you don’t need to go see her in a museum because your girlfriend swears your promised to take her, this sextastic exhibit is for private viewing only. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Sideboobs, Gwyneth Paltrow Buttockals, Kari Byron Back Curves, Paz De La Huerta Bloody Nekkid, Gaelle Garcia Diaz Bikinitastic, and Nina Dobrev Puma Hot

Once again, dear readers and fellow blessed perverts, you have outdone yourselves this week’s contributions of celebrity sextastic. Consider me honored that on your company’s dime, you take the time to contribute to our site and your millions of fellow readers.

This week’s Reader Finds includes the stellar T3 actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley flashing some premiere skin, Gwyneth Paltrow truly flashing her apple bottom, Kari Byron going cheek to cheek for fertile perfection, Paz de la Huerta doing what she does best — being nekkid and scary, even more Gaelle Garcia Diaz almost topless hotness, and vastly underrated hottie Nina Dobrev just looks boot knockable on a soccer field.

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Gaelle Garcia Diaz Bikini Pictures So Hot I Actually Weep Like a Child

One of the most beautiful sights to behold on this gaseous spinning home planet is Flemish-Spanish supermodel Gaelle Garcia Diaz in her birthday suit. The second most beautiful, the same Gaelle Garcia Diaz in a wee bit of bikini, as she appears this month in Belgium’s P magazine. I lust Gaelle so hard, I can feel it all the way back to my pubescent family jewel drop. I wish her to be the mother of my many many illegitimate babies, preferably all conceived under the table at a wine and cheese party in Bruges. I would like to circumnavigate her body like Magellan, conquer her native lands like Cortez, and bring STDs rare spices to her shores like Vasco da Gama.

Gaelle, call me, I speak the language de amor. Enjoy.

Gaelle Garcia Diaz Playboy Netherlands


My first reaction to seeing these Gaelle Garcia Diaz pictures in Playboy Netherlands this month was, oh, too bad, too artsy. Not! My first reaction was hot dang dang dangolicious sweet mother of all thing sextastic! This is Gaelle Garcia Diaz, otherwise known as the Spanish-Belgian lust of my life supermodel who has graced the pages of my male fantasy life on so many occasions an MRI actually reveals her name etched upon my cerebral cortex. You can Euro-art and expression her up the wazoo, and I’d still ogle for countless hours, those boobs, that amazing body, such epic hotness. If museums were filled with nekkid sculptures of Gaelle Garcia Diaz, I’d actually visit them, you know, instead of just lying and saying I do on my profile. Enjoy.

HEADS UP ON BOOBS UP: Gaelle Garcia Diaz to Appear in Playboy


According to our friends at Clint in Belgium, one of our favorite supermodel hotties, the Spanish-Flemish Gaelle Garcia Diaz, is going to be headlining the upcoming edition of Playboy Netherlands later this week. We will definitely have our eyes out for that edition as Gaelle Garcia Diaz is unquestionably (okay, you can question, but she is) one of the hottest women on this great ball of cooled down gas we call the home planet. I absolutely lust Gaelle, and if this preview picture is any indication of the photos to come, I think I’m going to have to put the phone on Do Not Disturb this coming weekend. Enjoy.

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Gaelle Garcia Diaz Nude Pictures Make Me Want To Be A Better Hombre


My former massage tech study buddy, Guy, remarked to me that he hadn’t seen hot tatas on here in almost 48 hours. I began to cry. I wept not for myself, but for our loyal Egotastic! readers who have suffered without sexy bare breasts for such a stretch. Well, Friday morning brings us blessed boob relief in the form of sexy Spanish/Belgian model, Gaelle Garcia Diaz and her amazing nude pictures from Che magazine. Gaelle makes me want to be a better hombre. Not so much that I work hard or make something of my life, but that I’m better at uncovering even more nude photos of her.

Look at that culo!

Gaelle Garcia Diaz Brings the Spanish Sexy

Do you know what request I get most often? Well, I mean, second most to ‘dude, show us more big tits’? It’s ‘show us some hottie Latinas’. With Gaelle Garcia Diaz, I think I’ve solved both. Pictured here in P magazine, the Spanish born Belgian model, trans-europeans herself into total sex kitten hotness. If Gaelle Garcia Diaz is the initial result of our sexy Latina search, expect the search to continue, far, wide, and, of course, deep. Con gusto mucho.