Evan Rachel Wood

Mr. Skin Minute Features Jena Malone and Evan Rachel Wood Topless, Jennifer Aniston See-Through Bra (VIDEO)

Mr. Skin Minute Topless Screencaps for November 22, 2013
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It might be Oscar consideration movie season, but the search for skin in cinema remains a year round venture for the good folks at Mr. Skin, who spend their days scouring the best of flesh-baring sextastic celebrities on celluloid, or, you know, whatever crazy material they’re using now here in the 21st century.

This week’s Mr. Skin Minute video features Jena Malone not nekkid in Hunger Games: Catching Fire, but flashing her bare top and buttside in The Messenger, Evan Rachel Wood topless in Charlie Countryman now in theaters and On-Demand, and Jennifer Aniston in sheer bra and panties in We’re the Miller now on Blu-Ray. Check them all out. Enjoy.

(Do be sure to give thanks this year to your one and only discounted Mr. Skin membership available to all Egotastic! readers.)

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Lea Michele is Sweet Like Candy and Other Fine Things to Ogle

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Gina Carano, new action hottie. (FoxNews)

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Lea Michele new Candie’s photoshoot. (Idolator)

Evan Rachel Wood Flaunts Her Topless Body in Stylish Pictorial

Evan Rachel Wood Topless in Flaunt Magazine
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Sometimes I think I was born with sixth sense, or perhaps more technically speaking, a fifth, since I lost my sense of smell in a tragic beef jerky and Dennison’s Chili only weekend with the boys three years ago, but I feel like I can tell when a celebrity skin reveal is coming on. Call it a premonition or Extra Sextastic Perception, or just call it the lady in 4B who smells like utensils and steals all my magazines, but I felt this Evan Rachel Wood toplessness coming on. I surely did.

The Carolina native born serious actress type loves to get her bodily exhibition freak on, or just her freak’s freak on in the case of her long relationship with Marilyn Manson, and in the current edition of Flaunt magazine, the magazine that dares to go there, Evan Rachel Wood shows us why she’s interesting to look at, especially when flashing her fun parts.

I knew this was coming, but I never lose the feeling of a kid on Christmas morning when it happens. I can’t draw or sing so well, and my SAT scores eradicated my childhood dreams of becoming the scientist who invents a cure for jock itch, so this is my special gift I share with the world. Enjoy.

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West End

Cheryl Cole sexes up London Town. (GossipCenter)

Evan Rachel Wood swings both ways. (HuffPo)

Rihanna and the hottest ladies in Hollywood. (FoxNews)

Beyonce and other celebrity nipple slips. (TheFrisky)

Elisabetta Canalis gets around. (TMZ)

Fashion shows are way more fun when the clothes are see-through. (DrunkenStepfather)

Scarlett Johansson out in NYC. (Popoholic)

Evan Rachel Wood Gothic Topless Photos Courtesy of Marilyn Manson



Mucho Gothic shoutouts (or, morbid whispers) to EgoReader ‘Chris D.’ for pointing us in the direction of these Evan Rachel Wood topless pictures courtesy of ex-boyfriend Marilyn Manson who posted these odd but spectacular treats on his own website. We’re not sure if Marilyn took these photos himself, or even if all of the pictures of Evan Rachel Wood are actually her; heck, I couldn’t tell you if half the Goth kids in my high school were of any specific gender at any given moment (except for Black Lipstick Becky, ooh, but, I’ll save that story for another day), but Evan Rachel Wood all kinds of clothe-less, that’s worth a further inspection indeed. Enjoy.

Ashley Greene, Miranda Kerr, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Rihanna Lead Mega List of Met Gala Hotties

What if you had a hottie party and every hottie in Hottieville showed up?

Another year, another invitation to the Costume Gala at the Metropolitan Museum lost in the mail by my postal delivery specialist, Mr. Tritonovich. Alas, I was all dressed up in my finest Zubaz pants with nowhere to get. Thankfully, my good friends from Italy, Signor Paparaazo, kept me busy all evening long with a never-ending stream of sexy celebrities at the Met Gala. The list is ridiculous. Granted, this is a party where a bunch of dudes with exotic names and no interest whatsoever in women’s boobs, design a bunch of high-fashion for celebrities and pretend that they care how their models asses look in their couture. Nevertheless, even with billowing fabrics, feathers, and an assortment of things way to complicated for normal dudes to ever undress off of a woman, there was a supernova’s worth of heat coming off the Met red carpet last night, among which, my favorites, if forced to choose, were Ashley Greene (just incredibly hot), Miranda Kerr (and her new boobtastic), Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (getting steamier as Transformers 3 approaches), and Rihanna (who more and more resembles a classic sculpture of some hottie princess from exotic lands).

In addition to this quadrangle of sextastic quim, there were a bazillion and one other sexy celebs, but as a result of the beer-drinking-is-making-me-sleepy principal this evening, I did cut the list down to: Evan Rachel Wood (how is this girl not more highly rated?), Lily Aldridge (L.A.’s finest offspring), Bar Refaeli (Israeli hottie), Beyonce (the booty call of my dreams), Fergie (I’d like to add my gravy to her peas), Madonna (oh yea, give it up for Madge at 52), Kristen Stewart (who could not bring herself to smile), Taylor Swift (just a classic beauty), Kate Hudson (pregnant by yet another rocker), Jessica Alba (naturally), Salma Hayek (veteran MILF hottie), Ciara (still don’t know who she is, still lust her), Emma Roberts (getting toward sextastic levels), Gwynneth Paltrow (I don’t like her, but I’d tap that… nevermind), Christina Hendricks (busty and delicious), Penelope Cruz (en fuego MILF), Blake Lively (the newest hottest ginger), Sofia Vergara (the maker of wanton dreams), Lea Michele (Glee petite sweet), Dianna Agron (mo’ mo’ Glee hottie), Gisele Bundchen (belongs on every hottie list), and Zoe Saldana (one of my secret lust crushes).

Wow. If you remove all the hotties from that list and add my grandma, you have my most recent birthday party E-vite YES list. Enjoy.