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Amber Heard Flashes Cleave; Minka Kelly Remains Super Hot, at Art of Elysium Gala

We’d be remiss if we didn’t share photos of our favorite Sapphic hottie, Amber Heard, who brought some pushed-up cleavage to bear at the Art of Elysium annual fundraiser gala this past weekend, a new January tradition that brings together some serious celebrity hotties including on-again Jeter girlfriend, Minka Kelly, the MILFtastic Ali Larter,  our boobtastic favorite Eva Amurri, Odette Yustman, and Abigail Spencer, all decked out, flaunted out, and on parade for a wonderful cause, that being to be ogled by the leering set like ourselves. All that hotness and an open bar. Enough said. Enjoy.


Eva Amurri Twitpics Bikini Racktastic Photos from Her Vegas Bachelorette Party

Oh, the cell phone cameras giveth, and the cell phone cameras, well, giveth. They don’t really take away at all (save for the 23.5 hours a day my girlfriend spends on hers talking to other girls in the great female cell phone circle of life). In this case, unleaked, and quite published Twipic style memories of the sexy and full-volume fun bagged Eva Amurri from this past weekend’s Vegas bachelorette party where Eva flashed a rack far too impressive to be contracted out to just one man (imho). Just look at that bikini body and imagine the lucky bastard who gets to take it out for a highlight drive on the wedding night. Now, ease up on the jealousy, ramp up the ogling powers, and stare yourself into a very pleasant boob-induced coma. Enjoy.

celebuzz-bikini-twitpicFor more self-published fun, check out Celebuzz’s Sexiest Celebrity Twitpics gallery for their selection of the best of the best Twitpicked sextastic photos.

Eva Amurri Can Barely Contain Her Bachelorette Rack During Vegas Party

Eva Amurri, well, the lust-engagement has lingered now since her multi-topless appearances in Californication, and never really stopped, as the boobtastic-offspring of Susan Sarandon continues to exhibit her talented twosomes at each and ever photo opportunity, including her very own bachelorette party, which was hosted and sponsored by a Vegas nightclub over the past weekend. Now, I’m not exactly sure how you get an official sponsor for your bachelorette or bachelor party, but I’m sure my buddy Sal Pintino would’ve preferred that we had got a sponsor for his recent pre-nuptial dude party so that we could’ve got an actual woman to provide his last extra-curricular gonadial experience (Sal, if you’re reading this, we’re all still sorry about that). Enjoy.

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Eva Amurri Sexy Maxim Photoshoot (With Bonus Topless Hot Mom Shots) (VIDEO)


We got our grubby little paws on the sexy behind the scenes video shoot for that ridiculously sexy Eva Amurri Maxim photoshoot from last week, and, well, this is must watch cinema. Bras and panties and sexy hot bodies, oh, my. Eva Amurri truly is an underrated hottie, with some exotic looks and those eyes that just remind me of, well, of her mom (see below). And, enjoy.

The hot daughter, Eva Amurri, in lingerie for Maxim:

Watch the Video »

Eva Amurri Lingerie Pictures in Maxim Bring Up Some Mom-Daughter Unmentionables

We haven’t seen Eva Amurri in some time, mostly since the high times of her sweet topless appearances during the third season of Californication, but, if you’re going to make a noteworthy return, why not do it in sextastic fashion on the pages of Maxim magazine. I must admit, I still get hot for Eva’s actress mom, Susan Sarandon, and, well, you know there’s going to be some mom-daughter fantasies a’brewing after a solid ogle of these here Eva Amurri lingerie pictures. Oh, c’mon, don’t be a prude, you know you’re thinking the same thing. Enjoy.

Eva Amurri Bikini Pictures from Twitter are Thinner

I love it when celebrities post bikini pictures to Twitter. It saves me a lot of work. It also shows that they really do want as much attention as possible. And that’s fine. Like I’ve always said, even though I hate attention whores, if they’re whoreing it up in a bikini (or less), that’s fine by me. So on that note, here are some Eva Amurri bikini pictures from Twitter. And I think we can all agree that Eva needs to start pounding back a cheeseburger or two before her most magnificent assets are gone forever. In case you don’t follow, I’m talking about her breasts, and how if she gets any skinnier, she won’t have any left.