Trust Fund Mom Eva Amurri’s Skimpy Bikini Shots

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earl-jonas - November 11, 2017

Eva Amurri is the daughter of celebrity royalty, and happens to look royally lickilicious in these new Instagram pics taken in Cabo. The daughter of OG boob machine Susan Sarandon gives her mom a run for her money while flaunting her trim yet curvy frame on what Amurri is modestly referring to as a sailboat. But I'm pretty sure we can go ahead and call it a yacht. Yachting in the sunshine through the blue waters in Cabo. It snowed today here in Chicago. Why don't I get to cruise around exotic places? Oh yeah, I'm ugly and not famous.

Those of you not in the know might be surprised to find out that Amurri actually has some of the best breasts in all of Hollywood, and shows them off in great detail in Californication. Yachts and strip club nudity? This girl just like, gets me.


Photo Credit: Instagram / Backgrid USA

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