Emily Senko

Emily Senko Up Topless Creek With Two Glorious Paddles


Emily Senko Poses Topless In A Creek Chadwick Tyler
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It’s really been almost three years since we feasted peeps upon Chicago hottie model Emily Senko. You know the Windy City holds a special place in my heart, and occasionally the loins, when some of the finer of the frigid land’s inhabitants show up representing, say, in a creek flashing their epic funbags. That’s just a very sweet down home treat.

In these wicked wild and alluring shots of Emily by Chadwick Tyler, the passion inducing posing model gives us 110% effort in the au natural allure department. She doesn’t even look like she’s trying, though I suppose that’s the innate skill involved. Understanding your blessings and employing them to the fullest. Even superheroes don’t get to choose their superpowers. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Chadwick Tyler

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Topless Fashion Week Continues As Emily Senko Flashes Her Bare Catwalks in All Magazine

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We really don’t see much choice but to continue with our Fashion Week coverage the only way we know how — by showing you this week’s biggest names in the fashion modeling world flashing their bare cans in various periodicals d’ hotness.

Chicago-native Emily Senko next struts down our bare-boobed runway in her All magazine topless pictorial, showing that the Windy City continues to be a secret nursery of celebrity hotness. Deep dish pizza, and deep dish hotness, a winning combination. Enjoy.