Emily Senko Chesty Modeling For Nasty Gal

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bill-swift - January 6, 2016

Professional hot person Emily Senko modeled some sexy lingerie for Nasty Gal. The name of the brand kind of says it all. These aren't the granny panties your mom wears. These are some seriously sexy outfits. Emily has got herself a lovely chesticles that really fill out these bustiers. Oh, there is some killer cleavage but there is also plenty of sideboob as well. There is also quite a bit of her long silky legs in these pics. I wouldn't mind having those bad boys wrapped around my waist in the middle of the night. Though this will never happen, a boy can dream can't he? Emily is so hot that she's almost difficult to look at. But I'll challenge myself to try.

I plan on returning to this post a few times in the next few days to look at these lovely lady pillows again. 

Photo Credit: Nasty Gal