Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski Working the Grown Up Cleave in Ocean Drive

Sometimes, a girl just needs to get dressed up to show off her precious puppies. Like the typically more casual and undressed super sextastic Emily Ratajkowski who got all decked out for a spread in Ocean Drive magazine. While the fancy fashion issue wasn't quite spread enough, anything Emily and that faptastic cleavage of hers is the order of the day. Naturally, it was only a matter of time before her beauty got her into more lady-friendly and high-fashion publications. I think of it less like my girl is moving out, so much as she's moving on up. Of course this means she will now likely no longer return my calls, but that won't be much of a change.

Emily Ratajkowski can play the chesty hot girl next door or the uptown made-up lady. With me, she is welcome to play anything at all. Disciplinarian female principal does come to mind. Enjoy.

Emily Ratajkowski Desperately Sextastic in Lingerie

Emily Ratajkowski is desperately hot in just about anything, or definitely so in nothing at all. It's nice to see her extending her zone of sextastic to include lingerie pics, such as this shoot for Yamamay lingerie wherein her specific bodily talents are put to solid use pimping the bras and panties I would most definitely by if I got the ones worn previously by the model. Oh, the sounds of sniffing that would come from my abode for 72 consecutive hours until I gently passed out with a smile.

Emily Ratajkowski is one of those treasured finds who gives you an initial rush when you discover her, and then it only gets better from there. She is not even close to slowing down. We can only hope her new found fame, and whatever celebrity boyfriend she soon acquires, does not shirk her from her core responsibility for nekkid hot modeling. That was the gift given to her from on high. Do not forsake your core talent or the seas will rise and the mountains will turn into valleys or something ominous like that. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Emily Ratajkowski Covered Topless, Kesha Nip Slip, Iggy Azalea Nip Sip, and Much Much More…


Oh, happy days. Everyone please, gather round the not so secret Santa tree and see what treasures are lying 'round the Egotastic! tree. Of course, you know what's there already since you were up all night like elves putting them there to surprise me. Friday really is like Christmas each week for me delving into the pile of skin-filled goodies submitted by only the best readers in the world. And I mean that. Without you, there is no Egotastic! Though, no, you can't borrow my car this weekend. The '01 Camry is a classic I just can't trust out of my hands. Let's get to it.

This week's Reader Finds includes Emily Ratajkowski barely covered goodies (thank you kindly to EgoReader 'Annette'), sweet throwback to Denise Crosby topless (lovely reminiscing from 'Darnell'), Monica Bellucci topless on the big screen (sweet Monica treats via 'Elster'), Candice Swanepoel barely covered nekkid joy (delicious find from 'Owen'), Eva Green in yet another splendid topless role (Green gems from the mind of 'Max'), luscious Anna Torv covered topless in Esquire (fine peeks delivered by 'Tim T.'), Natasha Poly topless wonderments for the ladies (women's magazine discovery by 'Aaron'), Sandra Kubicka bikini test polaroid shots (test passed with the help of 'Steven H.'), Susana Molina quite topless for cinematic glory (lovely Molina mams provided by 'Kent'), Californication beauty Natascha McElhone fully nekkid in skin on celluloid (always been a wowzer, so thought by 'Lees'), Claudia Winkleman classic nip slip (Anglo headlights via 'Tony J.'), Abby Clancy panties peeking upskirt (ogle-a-boo made possible by 'Denny'), Danica Patrick ten years ago in FHM (classic Danica 'wow' justified by 'Emmy'), thespianic Thylda Bares swell funbags bare in something European (outstanding actress ta's thrown over the fence by 'James P.'), Stacy Haiduk and her early 90's perfect pert pair again onscreen (outstanding yams thanks to 'Dougoon'), Marisa Miller behind the scenes of her Boston Common lingerie shoot (oh, sweet Marissa, bless you 'Zach'), Katie French pool time skinematics (lust in pools is real lust thanks to 'Pinks'), Ashley Emma doing her glamourous globe thing (Britty lovely pillows from 'Frizzy'), SueLyn Medeiros getting into her sex tape role, quite naughty (bumping uglies caught on cam by 'Les'), Karen Gillan in a see-through lovely top (nice find by eagle-eyed 'Dave'), Kesha nip slipping in her new music video (intense scrutiny on the part of 'Zac D'), Iggy Azalea flashing nip in her new music video as well (spotted proficiently by 'fake12'), Ashley Sky quite see-through on the runway (video catwalk discovery from 'Bob'), Asian volleyball star Altynbekova Sabina tall and hot all over (a personal lust quest from 'Rob heroically unblocked in Indonesia'), and last, but not least, the gorgeous bunny hottie Alyssa Arce strutting her see-through modeling wares (much ado about Alyssa by way of 'Roger'). Man, maybe I am oversharing this week. Nah, just about right. Enjoy.

Emily Ratajkowski Boobtastic, Ava Sambora Bikini Exhibition, Coco Austin Covered Topless Highlight the Sextastic Twitpic Roundup

Holy let the good times roll. The sextastic celebrities have kicked their sharing of thyselves and hot-thigh-selves into super high summer gear with the ladies young and not so young showing off their hot bodied assets. Every time somebody bitches about the malaise and degeneration of society thanks to social media, I need only direct them to the multitude of skintastic bikini and other revealing celebrity photos that in the old days we had to climb a fence, wait a year, and then get super lucky to capture. Now it's right at our finger tips. As with everything in life, with the good comes the bad. This is definitely the good.

This week's Sextastic Twitpic Roundup includes Bella Thorne bikini underwater views, Coco Austin barely covering her own ta-ta's, Emily Ratajkowski flashing her epic bikini cleave, Jen Selter and her even more epic booty, Jessica Simpson showing off her new summer figure, Maria Menounos bikini faptastic, Pia Mia Perez shooting down her top, and much much more. You owe it to the ghosts of 0-0 World Cup matches to check out each and every one of these en fuego social media celebrity candid shares. You will not be disappointed. Enjoy.

Emily Ratajkowski Brings Her Faptastic Funbags to Italy

Our little Emily Ratajkowski has gotten all grow'd up and into the stellar social circles of Europe's film and art festivals and party scenes this summer. It's hard to see her leave the nest, of course, but fly this wicked hot boobtastic bird must if she is ever to reach her true potential. This is the toughest role of the gentleman ogler, pushing his hottest objects d' lust out to spread their own wings in places like Ischia, Italy where Emily's simple little top and jean shorts made her the subject of very much photographic attention.

Someday, I'd like to Emily and I to get together and discuss the good old days of two year ago when she was a relative unknown and her dreams and my desires were first originated. Ideally, we could do this while both completely nekkid, or just her if that enhances the romantic equation as it likely would. I always knew Emily's future was bright, from the very moment I saw her first smiling knowing how amazingly hot she photographed in the buff. I'm glad to be right at least once in a while. Enjoy.

Emily Ratajkowski Nude Almost Topless Almost Crazy Hot Definitely In GQ Magazine

Emily Ratajkowski floats my boat in so many wonderfully tingly ways. I won't say we discovered Emily, that's like Columbus saying he discovered America when it was always here. But I do like to think we played our part in spreading the world on the former iCarly actress turned hot body goodness model. This is my life's work after all, sorry, mom.

Emily Ratajkowski is barely covered but most of her absolutely perfect body shines through in her new pictorial spread in GQ magazine. She really can't take a poor shot, not with all of her hot body talent, but the good magazine folks have managed to capture Emily in yet another truly memorable and epic peek. She really is so damn hot I want to chew on a towel or take a Polish language class online or something. That's commitment, Emily. I hope you see that. Enjoy.

Check out the full spread on Emily Ratajkowski in GQ online.

Jessica Alba, Emily Ratajkowski, Chrissy Teigen and Many More Hotties Line Up for the Spike Guys Choice Awards

It's actually the Spike TV Guy's Choice Awards, though Viacom corporate might also get a few votes. They pay for the lights and the cocktail wieners. And they also gather up their publicity resources to make sure a huge gaggle of A-list hotties may their way to the annual awards ceremony in L.A. Uber-sextastics like Emily Ratajkowski, Chrissy Teigen, Olivia Munn, Nina Agdal, Jessica Alba, Laura Vandervoort, Elle Evans, and Lily Aldridge, just to name my top of the list hotties at the event over the weekend.

I must admit I don't watch a lot of Spike TV, but I admire any media effort with the sole intention of making guys happy. We deserve a little happiness for all the good things we do daily that go unnoticed no matter how much we piss and moan about not being respected. Lining up a parade of crazy hot ladies is something we can sink our teeth into. Oh, that that were literal. Enjoy.