Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski Cleavy Hot Leggy Sizzles for the Foreign Press

Emily Ratajkowski is showing up to more and more places in clothes. It’s kind of a mixed bag. While I always dream of her extensive unclad work, it’s always a blessing to see a super sextastic young woman in her cleavy finest at events such as this Hollywood Foreign Press bit of nonsense two months still ahead of the Golden Globe Awards. The awards season in Hollywood is pretty much a year round thing now, which I would complain more about save for the likes of Emily Ratajkowski looking like the dream girl I had hoped to take to the prom (no offense to Andrea and her back brace naturally, we had good times).

My verdict is in. I will allow Emily to be seen in clothing, at times, provided she obtain my prior written consent and I can still see enough skin to receive a material levels of tingles. This current leg and chest show meets the standard. I approve! Enjoy.

Kristen Stewart, Emily Ratajkowski, Jenna Dewan Tatum Highlight the Hotties at the 2014 Hollywood Film Awards

You’ve got me. I have no clue what the Hollywood Film Awards are. Apparently, this is the 18th annual version of the event and I’m still kind of dumbfounded. That’s not an unusual state of mind in my regard, and you know I believe we simply can’t have enough award shows honoring the benevolent and heroic daily lives of our Hollywood celebrities, such an under-recognized bunch they are. Still, can’t say I’ve ever heard of this one. Though it certainly did bring out the big names in A-list talent along with a bevy of decked out sextastic Tinsel Town lovelies including Kristen Stewart, Emily Ratajkowski, Felicity Jones, Jing Tian, Lia Marie Johnson, Jenna Dewan Tatum and many more.

As always, I fall back on the guiding rule that any event with attractive women is a worthwhile event. Like most of the award shows that will start with award season in January, the upside is the gaggle of glorious hotties who’ve spent hours looking their best. As they always do. So pass out your shiny trophies and auto-fellate yourself into the seventh level of Nirvana, Hollywood. Just keep on bringing out the smoking hot women in showy gowns and we’re all good.

Emily Ratajkowski Decked Out and Sextastic For the Vogue Fashion Dinner

I guess Vogue is to fashion what Egotastic is to all things sextastic ladies who go to fashion awards. So I respect their authority when it comes to best dressed and all that nonsense. Or I could just judge my self based on the old fashioned standard of who makes me drool the most. That would be Emily Ratajkowski in a super fine hot tight dress. A little more material than we’re used to seeing on Emily, and a lot more material than I’m used to seeing in my dreams, but there’s no doubt this brunette minxy model looked like my promo queen fantasy.

Emily Ratajkowski is making the transition from hot nekkid model to fashion model. It scares me a little bit. Or a lot, if you judge by the way my hands tremble and tears streak down my cheeks when I think about Emily suddenly determining she no longer needs nekkid shoots in her portfolio of work. But I understand her career goals may be different than my career goals and or ogling goals. I’d hope we can come to some mutual understanding of needs that will still present the opportunity to see her buck nekkid in the future. I think we  all kind of need that. Give peace a chance. Enjoy.

Chelsea Handler Funbag Flop, Chrissy Teigen See-Through, and Emily Ratajkowski Lingerie Allure Highlight the Sextastic Twitpic Roundup

And the hits and things that rhyme with hits just keep on coming. What a world we live in. The evil dictator of North Korea is missing while tons and tons of hot celebrity social media candids are very much present. I love this tradeoff. And it only promises to get better and better as camera technology and social media one click impulse posting continues to evolve.

This week’s Sextastic Twitpic Roundup includes Chrissy Teigen nipple show in a see-through top, Jen Selter and her amazing thumper, Arianny Celeste killing it with cleavage, Chelsea Handler chest puppy escape, Emily Ratajkowski crazy sextastic, Jessica Lowndes perfect bikini body, Rhian Sugden getting wet in a bikini, Charlotte McKinney preposterously positioned melons, Anastasia Ashley beach booty showdowns, and much much more. You owe it to my very own resurgent fantasy football team, the Ball Kickers, to check out each and every one of these steamy hot social media shares. Enjoy.

Emily Ratajkowski In Clothes — Yep, Still Super Hot

Look, I’ll be the first guy to go out on the limb and say I prefer crazy hot women nekkid to wearing covering wardrobe. I know, cast me out into the wilderness but that’s simply how I feel. Emily Ratajkowski however is one of the sextastic celebrity set who defies all my basic rules and makes me tingle all over even when fully dressed. As she was at the Gone Girl premiere in New York City and looking like two million bucks.

I’m not suggesting this is a trend I’d like to see with the girls who make our heart flutter. This whole getting dressed thing ought to be treated as the exception rather than the rule. But I do suppose decorum dictates some measured response. And when you look as amazing as Emily Ratajkowski, you can get away with a hot dress and still be my pretend virtual girlfriend. So you got that in your back pocket, Emily. Enjoy.

Lizzy Caplan, Emily Ratajkowski, and Olivia Wilde All Topless in the Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

Mr. Skin Minute for October 3, 2014
Click to See Uncensored

The good and flesh on film loving folks at Mr. Skin have really outdone themselves this week with a ribald and richly ta-ta filled sixty seconds of the best skin on small and big screen this weekend. It’s not that you can’t enjoy entertainment bereft of faptastic funbags, it’s just, why would you even try when you have options. Not many people choose the cold shower when the hot works perfectly fine.

This week’s Mr. Skin Minute includes Emily Ratajkowski who will be topless in Gone Girl on the big screen but famously was topless already in her Robin Thicke video, Lizzy Caplan and Breaking Bad’s Betsy Brandt both topless on the season finale of Masters of Sex, and Olivia Wilde flashing her sweet’ums full frontal and some nice rear in Third Person now out in theaters and OnDemand. It’s a hoopla of the hooters of some of the finest ladies in the land. You really shouldn’t pass it up.

And, naturally, while delighting in the Skin for sixty seconds, consider a full-time Ego discounted membership to Mr. Skin and their content vaults of unending celebrity skin. Sixty seconds is fun, sixty hours is more of a religious experience. Enjoy.

Check Out the Uncensored Mr. Skin Minute Video »

Emily Ratajkowski Cleavetastic Melons in the Big Apple

Sure, we’ve seen a great deal of brunette super hottie Emily Ratajkowski without her clothes on lately. But there’s something to be said for seeing her sextastic self out in the streets of Manhattan veiled slightly behind some cleavetastic garment and looking like ten million dollars. I say ten because I know if I ever came up with the million, she’d tell me that was her new price to go out with me. Glass is half full, Billy, keep telling yourself that.

Emily is simply one of those extraordinarily fine female forms that has allured us form the time we first strained eyeballs staring at her luscious treats. The pangs have yet to slow or subside. Naturally, we adore Emily in inverse proportion to the amount of clothes, or hands-on applications of her own hands, but seeing her all decked out and ever so fine, we’re reminded by our feminist friends to consider the whole woman. And, believe me, I want the whole of Emily Ratajkowski. Enjoy.