Emily Ratajkowski

Hey, Bill, Whatcha Watching? Oh, Rihanna Grinding a Girl, Emily Ratajkowski Dancing in a Tight Sweater, and Dani Mathers Showing Why She’s PMOY (VIDEO)

I’m really finding more and more that the best stuff on television is really on the Internet. Something like that. All these years storytellers of the sextastic were bound and limited by few, dismissive distribution channels, now, they fly free, unfettered by the space time and major network and studio continuum. Fly free video content birds. Even the Puritans can’t stop us now. Knock on wood, naturally. The battle is far from over.

What short nuggets of celebrity goodness have I been watching most recently? Funny you should ask. Well young hottie model d’jour, Hannah Davis, behind the scenes of her OP beach shoot, Rihanna touching herself and fans on stage in her, let’s face it, concert sex shows, Emily Ratajkowski candidly dancing in a super tight sweater, Dani Mathers showing why she deserved her Playmate of the Year tap, and Bar Refaeli behind the scenes and gym taut for Marie Claire. If you’re wondering why I don’t watch more educational videos, you’re entirely missing the point. This is my education. Yours too. The hard sciences are overrated. Long live hot women. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Emily Ratajkowski Nekkid, Madonna Topless Negatives, Eliza Cummings Topless, and Much Much More…

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I think of Reader Finds as the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight only less hype, more goods, and instead of a hundred bucks it’s free. So, in short, better in every possible way. To confirm, you do not have to witness Jamie Foxx singing before Reader Finds. I know. I’m grateful too.

This week’s Reader Finds includes Miley Cyrus crying drunk lesbionic makeout photo (thanks to EgoReader ‘Jay’), my new favorite starlet Becky G. stellar hot (oh, G money, kudos to ‘Amanda’), GOT’s Carice Van Houten preggo and nekkid in a Dutch film (mmmm, Dutch indeed via ‘Steve’), Cato Van Ee topless in Marie Claire Spain (sent over by the lovable ‘anon’), B movie fave Courtney Palm topless for the fishies (brunette boobtastic courtesy of ‘Ian E.’), Delia Shepherd topless Funions on the silver screen (luscious blonde bits via ‘Homey’), Eliza Cummings topless perfection (from the mind of ‘David M.’), Emily Ratajkowski, unconfirmed nekkid social media post up then gone (I tend to believe the power of ‘JJ’), Jenny Lin busty Asian racktastic (ah, the Busty Asian Girls do arouse, thanks ‘James P.’), Karen Young throwback twin bills of twin peaks (thespianic ta-ta’s delivered by ‘David C.’), Keira Knightley topless and spanked (fantastical views via ‘Garber’), contact photo sheets of Madonna topless shot for her Sex book (material girl unclad shot putted in by ‘Dewey’), Mary Louise Parker topless roundup from the kind bud show (MLP boobtastic stacked up by ‘Henry L.’), a double header of early 80′s action-ta-ta star Sandahl Bergman (they don’t make ‘em like they used to, thanks ‘Evan’), more throwback funbags of Stacy Haiduk (wowzers perfection spotted by ‘Owen’), Valerie Kaprisky topless because the 80′s were epic (au natural natties provided by ‘Stephen A.’), and last, but not least, Veronica Paul topless and not super happy in the tub (more luscious lady humps via ‘Tyler’). Man, this is a long list of fine female forms undressed. Only take on this funbag challenge if you’re strong of heart and clear of purpose. Also, if you like nekkid hot girls. Enjoy.

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Hey, Bill, Whatcha Watching? Oh, Ronda, Olivia, and Emily in Various State of Undress (VIDEO)

I think I meant to share this with you over the weekend but I’m kind of remembering basketball and cocktails and then losing interest in things related to anything other than the couch. I’m pretty sure I would’ve slept until Tuesday if my trusted dog Mr. Bottomfingers doesn’t start biting at my privates when he needs to whizz badly. But, I’m learning to live up to my word. So, for those of you who asked, or those of you who wish to celebrate Earth Day by checking out some ridiculously hot celebrity ladies in motion, here’s what I’ve just been watching (well, was on Sunday), I’m only human.

Well, today it’s Ronda Rousey taking off her top for Buffalo jeans (sorry about the dude), Emily Ratajkowski see-through sextastic touching herself goodness, and Olivia Wilde in desperately hot shape and showing off. Menage-a-quatre at Bill’s house. Ronda, Emily, Olivia, oh my god. My mind just exploded. I think that was my mind. Enjoy.

Emily Ratajkowski In Free People Lingerie, For People Who Freely Fap to Emily

Emily Ratajkowski can do no wrong. Not with that body of hers. But she can do so much so right. Like any time she gets tapped to model lingerie. Even the slightly demure Free People line of underthings that are environmentally sound, socially conscious, and play Pete Seeger songs every time you snap the elastic. Oh, how I’d snap snap Emily Ratajkowski in her bras and panties.

Emily has been making men happy to be men for several years now, with her star rising steadily in the time since we first started featuring her fine female form. Those who say nekkid modeling will in any way damage your career path in Hollywood are simply thinking from a long ago era. It means nothing professionally, but ever so so much to the millions of us who experience Emily in our dreams routinely. We are a people with pearl clutching gaspers among us. Ignore them. They have their thing. We have our thing. Most notably at the moment, Emily Ratajkowski in lingerie. We win. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Free People

Pia Mia Perez Bikini, Miley Cyrus Nipple Teases and Emily Ratajkowski Arm Bra Highlight the Sextastic Twitpic Roundup

Someday, the technology gods will gift us with a tool more noble in prurient purpose than social media, but for now, this humdinger of a digital highway provides more hotness per byte than any other invention previous to mankind. Unless you believe dinosaurs once had an advanced technology kingdom on earth that was wiped out by evil dinosaurs from another planet like I do. Then maybe there was something better. But as for what we know, three cheers for the social media pic sharing craze.

This week’s Sextastic Twitpic Roundup includes a stunning bikini shot of up and coming Pia Mia Perez, Emily Ratajkowski dazzling again with her lucky forearm providing cover, Miley Cyrus almost freeing the nipple, Charli XCX eating pizza in her bra as I always imagined she does, Coco Austin performing miracles of booty yoga, Maitland Ward flashing her ginormous lovelies, Kendall Jenner showing off in a bikini, and much much more. You owe it to the people who believe that receiving a tax refund means you made money to check out each and every one of these amazing social media shared visual wonderments. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Emily Ratajkowski In Her Panties And Other Fine Things To Ogle

Emily Ratajkowski just hanging out in her yellow panties, no big deal. (Drunken Stepfather)

What could make boobs and booties better? When they bounce! (The Chive)

Irina Shayk shows off her bikini body in Can Cun. (TMZ)

Andie MacDowell’s daughter Rainey Qualley wearing just a coat on Mad Men. (Huffington Post)

Lindsey Kevitch has got some seriously HUGE boobage. (Hollywood Tuna)

Jennifer Lopez wears a booty hugging dress because why not? (Popoholic)

Yo Ventura and her booty bikini in an infinity pool. (The Superficial)

Emily Ratajkowski Hot Topless Star Of Jonathan Leder’s Limited Edition Photobook

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If you happen to know any super fans of the wicked hot body of Emily Ratajkowski, and I happen to know a few million, you might want to direct them in the direction of hottie model photographer Jonathan Leder’s new Limited Edition Polaroid photobook of the very undressed Emily Ratajkowski. The photographer who helped to make Emily famous (along with a certain anonymous blogger who loves funbags) put together his favorite snaps of Emily from their time together and is selling but 250 signed copies of the book which would only make the best graduation/father’s day/birthday/stalker gift ever.

I say this only because it’s true and whoever bought me this book would be my new best friend. You know my address. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Jonathan Leder