Elisabetta Gregoraci Bikini Pictures Back in All Their Kenyan Glory

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bill-swift - December 29, 2012

Another year and another hot visual bikini trip for Elisabetta Gregoraci back to Kenya for a sweet mommy body exhibition for her wealthy older husband (and we get to peek to). Now, I'm not exactly sure who gets to vacation at resorts in Kenya, but I'm guessing it's people who can afford more than my holiday retreats to Laughlin sharing a room with three buddies.

And, heck, when you've got a smoking sextastic body like Elisabetta, well, you're going to be supplied the means to travel to exotic locales. It's where I'd take her if I had the dough, on my private jet, far away, where only the Colobus monkeys could hear our cries of primal delight. But, now I'm dreaming again. Enjoy.