Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato And Her Cleavage Attend The Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Latina Awards

Singer Demi Lovato was all boobs and legs at the Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Latina Awards in New York City. Demi wore a short yellow dress with a PLUNGING neckline. There was all kinds of cleav action going on in the front of this dress. I have never heard of these awards, but she should win one for being fun and fearless enough to show off this much of her lovely knockers. The short skirt also gave us a spectacular view of her legs. The skirt barely went passed her naughty bits. I freely admit that I have sung along to some Demi Lovato songs in my car. I'm not ashamed. The girl has talent as well as being a bonafide hottie. Demi is one of very few modern girl singers that actually has some chops.

I wonder what makes a "Fun Fearless Latina"? Most of my Latina relatives are either fun or fearless but rarely both. Mostly they just like to gossip and watch telenovelas.

Demi Lovato Topless Bedroom Cell Phone Pictures Purportedly Leaked (Yet More CSI Investigation)


This Demi Lovato topless story seems like it's been brewing since forever now. Though this seems to be the real big pop. You may recall longstanding rumors of a Demi Lovato sex tape and Demi Lovato topless pictures floating around somewhere. We've seen bits and glimpses and glimmers before of such photos. Now activity seems to be picked up with a particularly topless photo of a girl whose body and tattoos seem to identically match Demi Lovato as seen in some boudoir photos with and perhaps shared by her boyfriend, the Hollywood omnipresent boyfriend, Wilmer Valderrama.

Make of these photos what you will, including the naturally headless topless photo purportedly of Demi, or somebody who took an amazing amount of time drawing on Demi's tattoos. For my part, all I will say is that Demi is a beautiful girl and Wilmer is a lucky bastard once more.  Also, I really hope those are Demi's sweet funbags so I can cross another line of my bucket list. Enjoy.

Edited to Add: 2 more nekkid photos purportedly of Demi Lovato just added to the gallery, thank you kindly EgoReader 'James'

Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, and Eva Longoria Form a Trio of Hotness at Unite4Good

I'm not exactly sure what Unite4Good is, but based on it's title I'm going to declare it charitable, and hip with the clever use of '4' instead of 'Four'. The kids all love that. I do know that it was a cause grand enough to bring out the sextastic likes of saucy Latinas Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, and Eva Longoria. It certainly has me feeling fine.

Once more, I am left wondering where my invite was to the ball. My fairy godmother seems to have abandoned me too as I was hoping perhaps she could turn my dead AA battery here into a Prius or something and announce I was off to dance the night away with Selena, Demi, and Eva. I guess this all just happens in my mind once more. Enjoy.

Is Demi Lovato About to Be Nekkid in Leaked Cellphone Pics?

Our friends at Celebslam claim so. They say they're bidding on the Demi Lovato nekkid photos taken by a guy or girl she was seeing or something like that and they have naughty shots of her on a cellphone. You may recall RadarOnline previously said they chose not to run with these photos for undisclosed reasons. Meh, who knows, but I do know it's something I'd love to see.

Here's a preview pic supposedly forecasting what is to come. It's murky and marked and unclear, which I suppose is a preview of what really is to come. But, it's Demi Lovato, so we have to hold out hope.

Demi Lovato Nekkid Photos — Don’t Hold Your Breath

I mean, you're welcome to hold your breath. It's actually good for your health, or at least my father tried to convince me so as he desperately urged me to see if I could break the world record mark several times as a child, eventually abandoning this pursuit when he found out you can't take out life insurance on a minor child. Our friends at RadarOnline are reporting that somebody in the webisphere is 'shopping' around naughty amateur photos of Demi Lovato nekkid and engaged in personal bodily party time activities. And, many of you are writing us about them.

Of course, IF they exist, IF they are really Demi Lovato, and IF we can, we will bring them to you. But don't hold your breath. Or do. See if you can break my record.

Demi Lovato Forgets to Button Her Top (Maybe) For an X-Factor Bra Flash

Who would've thunk there'd be drama on the set of the X-Factor when they brought in Britney Spears and Demi Lovato as celebrity judges for the season. We happen to love and lust both of these pop divas, but, let's be honest, there's a history of some instability in both camps. And, apparently, tapings of the show this summer around the country and the various scheduling and promotional events have not been running super smooth. Cancellations, changes, and tardy celebrities has been the norm. Nevertheless, the addition of the two almost gives a man pause to consider watching this umpteenth reality show singing star show, if only for the wardrobe malfunctions and the potential for train wreckage.

Demi Lovato herself showed up to work with a look that I know only too well, and it bespeaks of a night of little sleep, perhaps some imbibing of potent potables the evening before, but, for Demi, it also meant an unbuttoned shirt revealing her black bra beneath. Now, this could be a fashion style of which we're not yet acquainted here, considering the last fashion style we were acquainted with involved Zubaz pants and mesh half-shirts, but, we're surmising that a distracted and possibly hungover Lovato might just have kept her clubbing look going through to the next day.

It's the X-Factor, where X might actually stand for for dropping some X.  Enjoy.

Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, and Nina Dobrev Highlight Cast of Hotties at Teen Choice Awards

There's a reason we don't let teens, most especially young teen girls, make important decisions. For one, Justin Bieber would be our nation's first lesbian President, and while hair-twistees would replace war, a whole bunch of other bad shizz would befall us as all important institutions were slowly turned into Forever 21 stores.

That being said, the Teen Choice Awards while being completely inane and craptastic in concept and delivery, did manage to deliver a bevy of super sextastic celebrities to the red carpet and insipid in-show skits, that with the volume turned all the way off, became tolerable thanks to the hotness of Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Nina Dobrev, Taylor Swift, Hayden Panettiere, Zooey Deschanel, Bella Thorne, Lea Michele, and Victoria Justice. Pack all those ladies into a suitcase and head out for a weekend of non-stop self-stimulation, if you know what I'm saying. And, you do. Enjoy.