Debby Ryan

Gigi Hadid, Ariana Grande, Nicola Peltz, and Victoria Justice Highlight the Hotness at the Kids Choice Awards

As you know, in any civilized society, we don’t actually let kids make choices. We tell them to shut up and play their video games. But on one night a year, Nickelodeon gets them all together and let’s decide on a whole bunch of inane prizes to give out to actors from their favorite TV shows which I think all happen to be on Nickelodeon as well. I think that’s just a coincidence. Viacom is a powerful beast. But, on the upside, each year brings us a bunch of hotties young and sort of still young to show off in typically brightly colored outfits on the red carpet, before heading in to pretend to be super surprised at being slimed.

This year’s cast of great looking starlets and stars of about to be included Ariana Grande, Peyton List, Victoria Justice, Gigi Hadid, Debby Ryan and many more. The red carpet always look like a long long of girls who turned me down for the prom because they were too good looking or too popular or they were concerned that my high school nickname was ‘Handsy’. Go figure. Enjoy.

Debby Ryan Busts Out the Biggun’s for Norma Jean Gala

I can’t help but feel Marilyn would’ve been proud of the curves sweetheart Debby Ryan delivered last night at the Norma Jean Gala in Beverly Hills. I have no idea what’s behind this gala, only I assume a charitable purpose and a ogle-worthy endeavor indeed thanks to the vastly under-appreciated Debby Ryan.

Granted, Debby rarely shows off more than her G-rated TV persona when off the screen and in the public eye. But when she gives us a little something something for the fellas, wow, she can dazzle like an A-gamer for sure. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a slow reveal, Debby. Though let’s keep in mind that second word is reveal. Even a little of that super bodacious cleave has welled up some deep feelings inside where normal human emotions usually go. Let’s see this to its natural conclusion. A little Private Ryan time perhaps? Enjoy.

Debby Ryan and I Should Be Together (She’s Just So Damn Adorable)

I know many of you from our Debby Ryan Hottie Appreciation Society meetings, where we hang out to discuss our infatuation with this underrated minxy young actress. She really is something of a delightful treat when out in public and showing off just a tad for her very conservative overall image.

Debby was in Hollywood yesterday visiting the Dior gifting suite, those places celebrities get to go during Awards season to get free goodie giveaways, and she was looking mighty fine. Like take her to The Sizzler and tell her she can order anything she wants kind of fine. That’s what I’m talking about. And I mean it too, Debby. Call me now, it’s first come first serve. The Sizzler I mean, not me. Enjoy.

Debby Ryan Leggy Photoshoot for Thrifty Hunter Magazine Fall 2013

Debby Ryan Chesty Goodness at ‘The Way Way Back’ Premiere

Whoa. Disney starlet Debby Ryan is slowly but surely having a coming out party after recently turning 20. Like many Disney and Nick starlets before her, Debby was forced to cover up her R-rated body with PG wardrobe and innocence for so long. But true devotees of hottie likes Debby Ryan knew and know that once unleashed, the sextastic forces could be quite devastating.

And talk about a preview. At last night’s premiere of The Way Way Back, Debby un-chested quite a sight. Two amazing love cans beneath a tight, figure hugging dress that simultaneously shouted, hey, I’m grown up, and, oglers, look over here! My favorite combination.

Hopefully Debby will break free completely soon of her Disney clutches and really let loose. The possibilities are mind boggling. Enjoy.

Debby Ryan Flashing Her Gams at the Chateau

I know the Debby Ryan fans among our denizen are strong, vocal, and quite passionate in their fondness for Debby, and, boy, the letters we get. Got a little cult o’ Debby going on, which I can totally respect and admire. As we can admire Debby’s legs coming out of her car at the Chateau Marmont.

The Disney starlet doesn’t tend to show off very much, so as with many other of these celebrity cuties, we take what we can get and we fill in the rest with our hyper-exercised imaginations. Someday, Debby Ryan will put on one helluva exhibition and it’s probably be the end of some of you from this earthly existence. But you’ll go happy. Enjoy.

Debby Ryan Poses for Naked (Magazine)

Oh, don’t get your hopes up. Debby Ryan is hardly nekkid in the current edition of Naked magazine, but she is still supremely hot, and I’m saying that not even in the most ardent Debby Ryan fan group among you. And, yes, I get your letters so I understand the depths of your devotion (also the intricacies, kinks, and odd fantasies involving handkerchiefs and lilac oil of your devotion) to Debby Ryan.

As we mentioned earlier today, the last crop of Disney starlets of the most recent generation are getting all grow’d up but fast. Debby turns 20 in not but a few weeks, believe it or not. We can only hope the cleave peeks and slightly sextastic pictorials become much racier as the little sweet hottie enters her third decade of existence. Enjoy.