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bill-swift - May 5, 2017

Oh how I miss Debby Ryan. I don't mean that she's gone anywhere, the redheaded Disney channel wunderkind turned all grow'd up curvaceous hottie has simply been laying low. Though not as if she and I aren't sexting daily. Oops, but then I've already said too much.

Debby has one fine female form for show and tell, you'd have to tell. She doesn't often come out in sextastic guise, a demure young woman that she is. But when she puts the exhibitionist hat on even the slightest, I turned to melted ice cream. I think that's what that is. As in this pictorial from Lady Gunn, a name to remember if only because it sounds like a dime store heroine. Debby and her bosom from heaven make it work amid the smoke and mirrors. So much sextastic at the beck and call. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Lady Gunn

  • Scott Vorus says:

    She’s Hot!

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