Cobie Smulders

Cobie Smulders Major Sideboob For Women’s Health

Cobie Smulders showed some serious sideboobage action in this photoshoot for Women’s Health Magazine. I guess it’s promoting breast health, which we are all about here at Egotastic. We love boobies too much. Cobie has got an extremely hot rack. In fact, the only reason I ever watched that mediocre How I met Your Mother show, (yeah, I said it), was so that I could ogle her in tight sweaters. If I was that sad sack Ted I would have fallen for her too. She’s got that whole hot girl that lives across the street that you are too scared to ask out on a date thing down pat. I hear she’s pretty cool from some friends that worked on the aforementioned show. I bet she’d be down to clown.

But I digress. What I do know is that I miss seeing her every week. Some network please hire her soon and dress her in tight sweaters for us all.

Photo Credit: Women’s Health Magazine

Scarlett Johansson, Renee Olstead, and Audrina Patridge Drop the Tinsel Town Sexy at ‘The Avengers’ Premiere

Less than two weeks now until The Avengers hits the big screen and Hollywood threw a big old fashioned hottie bash last night at Graumann’s Chinese Theater to celebrate the premiere. With Disney in lead ownership position, not only were the film stars present, but everybody connected to any Disney show anywhere in the history of time and space was pushed before the cameras in a major Mouse House pimptacular event. Still, we don’t mind.

Not when the array of hotties grows even larger by sheer volume. Leading the pack last night in the sextastic red carpet department was Scarlett Johansson, natch, The Black Widow, who even though she’s closed up her shell a bit since her rough times last year, can not hide her inner hotness. In addition to ScarJo, we found ourselves getting tingly over our former ginger crush, Renee Olstead, BBT starlet Cobie Smulders, pumpkin headed hottie, Audrina Patridge, and the latest Disney starlet pipeline future hottie, Bella Thorne, who is far too young to associate with tingles (but put them in a box for a few years down the road when we can pull them out again).

It was quite the thing last night. Expect a monumental box office showing from The Avengers. Enjoy.

Cobie Smulders Smolders in Leather Outside Letterman

Animal rights activism aside, Cobie Smulers looked smoking hot in leather outside of The Late Show last night. We simply don’t get to see enough of the sexy side of the How I Met Your Mother starlet, and by not enough, I mean, we really must see this girl nekkid soon or I’m going to lose my shizz. Our Smulders crush has gone on long enough, and these provocative poses outside Letterman are not going to quench the beast within.

So, Cobie, please, pretty please, we need to see more skin. Come by my place, have a little grocery store discount vino, and we’ll do a little photoshoot I like to call, ‘How I Met the Place Where You’ll Become a Mother’. Tasteful. I promise. Enjoy.

Elton John Gets All The Hot Women To His Oscar Viewing Party

Elton John and his new baby daddy hosted another of the big Oscar parties this year, a viewing shindig for a bunch of folks also not making the cut for the Academy Awards, but definitely making my refined list of girls I’d like to imagine being slapped by after I ask them if they like meat products.

Odette Yustman just looked super Yusty and sexy, Kim Kardashian she-bot appeared with extra spit and polish and perfect boobage, Charlotte Ross continues her medically induced age defying aweseomeness, Malin Akerman remains an underrated comedic hottie, Petra Nemcova just one damn super supermodel, Katie Price, previously known as the Jordan who made me drool excessively, Dianna Agron, irrepressible Glee breakout babe, and a reunion of the only straight reason for me to own the High School Musical DVD box set, petite hotties Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens. Now, that’s what I call a party! Enjoy.

Photo credit: Fame / Splash News

10 Sexy Celebrities We Added to the Egotastic! Family in 2010 I Can’t Wait to See More of in 2011


Gretchen shook me awake this morning atop the office couch with a six-fingered slap to the face. She was alarmed that I’d yet to put up a Top 10 list of 2010 of some kind for the final day of the year. I don’t really like Top 10 lists so much, everybody does them, some are good, but, you know, I’m a forward looking guy. So, she said, that’s it. Be forward looking. Make a list of newly introduced Egotastic! sexy celebrities in 2010 that you expect to be even hotter in 2011. Well, thank God for Gretchen who does most of my thinking on days when I’m hungover (or thinking about becoming hungover).

Herein is my list of 10 hotties, unranked (I can’t possibly favor one over another) we added to the ranks in 2010 that I can’t wait to see more of in 2011. I’ve included all new pictures and videos of these sexy celebrities, because, well, this is Egotastic!

Mind you, this is an abridged list. Which basically means I’m too lazy to make a complete list and ten is enough, though the list could be much longer (so do not fret if you don’t see one of your new favorites, only the sexy celebrities make the site in the first place and they’ll all be back in 2011). Enjoy.


Stunning beauty who turns 18 in February of the coming year. Let us pray she goes all Miley.


I can’t possibly compile a list of new sextastic celebrities without a shoutout to my unknowing future bride, not so long as I can pretend she keeps sending me wedding night costume ideas.


How I Met Cobie Smulders. She was long overdue to make the site in 2010. I’m crossing my fingers for some R-rated content in 2011.

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Cobie Smulders: How I Met Egotastic!

There is some type of overgrowth of celebrity hotness going on these days that is flooding our gates with young, sexy, talent; hot talent such as Cobie Smulders from How I Met Your Mother, whose Maxim picture set demands recognition. Working your way up the super sexy chain: hot girl, hot girl in bra and panties, hot celebrity girl in bra and panties. Bingo! Enjoy.