Christian Serratos

Joanna Krupa See-Through Dress and Christian Serratos Sideboob Highlight the Human Society Hotness

Any time you get a pet-related cause benefit going, you’re going to get some supremely good looking celebrities out for the gala or party or spay and neuter party. The Human Society is the biggee and they celebrated their 60th anniversary with a full and loaded cast of sextastic hotties at a benefit to raise money to help out our furry little friends.

While there were numerous sextastic ladies decked out for the event, Joanna Krupa and her super duper see-through dress surely made an impression, as did the massive sideboob revealing little number worn by Twilight brunette darling Christian Serratos. I’m not sure if the animals noticed all the effort these ladies put into showing off their sensational boobtastic, but if they did, you might’ve heard some happy barks and purrs in honor of the exhibitionist delights. Oh, to be a hairy little beast in either of these two ladies’ arms over the weekend. That is the position of honor. Enjoy.

Christian Serratos Bares Midriff and Legs at Rehab Nightclub in Hard Rock Hotel

Diora Baird, Natasha Alam, and Christian Serratos: FHM Hottie Vamps (VIDEO)

I had this recurring dream during my third year of college; in this frightening nocturnal picture show, I would be laying in bed, unbound but unable to move, while some vampiric beast was sucking the blood from my body until I literally withered lifeless. Every night, for almost three months straight, I had this horrific night vision. One evening, the dream became so intense, I startled awake, and, there, standing next to my bed, holding a freshly drawn pint of my precious AB+, was my broke-ass roommate, Tully Ugoretz. That motherfucker was stealing my blood to sell for weed money!

This new movie and television vampire craze perturbed me greatly until I came upon those wicked hot she-vamps in True Blood and Twilight, who our friends at FHM put together this month in a bloody sextastic photospread, including these Diora Baird, Natasha Alam, and Christian Serratos sexy lingerie pictures. To ask which of these deliciously fanged-babes is the absolute sexiest sucker is a question worthy of a delightful, no-wrong answer type debate. Feel free to engage, and, enjoy.

FHM, bless their hottie-loving hearts, put together a brief promo clip featuring Diora Baird all (covered) nude and having her picture taken.

Watch the Video »

Twilight Eclipse Premiere Photos: The Search For Anything Sexy

Lord knows, I tried. Searching for sexy at a Twilight premiere is like trying to find quiet at a South African World Cup event. Count Chocula shows more skin than these PG-rated vampires in procession last night for the tween-girl madness that is Eclipse. Nevertheless, my deal with the devil required me to search through 10,000 red carpet photos to come up with precisely one-half dozen photos that caused my Egotastic! eyebrow to raise even a measure. Bats!

(Pictured: AnnaLynne McCord, Ashley Greene, Christian Serratos, Dakota Fanning, Lily Collins, Nikki Reed.)

Photo credit: Splash News

Christian Serratos Nude for PETA

I’ll perfectly honest, I have no idea who Christian Serratos is, but the press release I barely even read said she’s from Twilight. Don’t ask me if she’s a Vampire or a Werewolf, because I have no clue. But I do know that Christian Serratos has a really nice ass! So thanks for teaching me that, PETA. But here’s what I don’t understand. She won’t wear fur, but she has no problem playing a character who eats people. I guess it’s okay to be cruel to people, just as long as you don’t hurt the cute and fuzzy things, right? Seriously, though, nice ass!

Oh, and if you think this Christian Serratos nude picture is just a blatant publicity stunt to get attention for a completely unknown actress, well what do you think those Ashley Greene nude pictures were all about? It did work, though…