Chrissy Teigen

56th Grammy Awards Red Carpet Hotties Rolling In

The theme so far on the red carpet at the 56th Grammy Awards seems to be glamor. Read that as not a heck of a lot of skin. Which is rather odd given the amount of skin used to promote and sell modern music. But I suppose everybody is allowed to pretend.

Stay tuned throughout the pre-show to this ever growing gallery of arrivals on the red carpet at the Grammy Awards, including Taylor SwiftParis Hilton, Katy Perry, Anna Kendrick, Ariana Grande, Miranda Lambert, and more. Enjoy.

Chrissy Teigen So Happy Her Boob Nearly Falls Out of Her Top

Still riding high, if not a bit sore, from her recent marriage and honeymoon, Chrissy Teigen can't wipe the smile off her face. She's so damn happy her festive model funbags are swelling with pride. Almost swelling right out with her nipples demanding a little sunshine in The Big Apple.

We couldn't be happier for Chrissy, that grin of hers alone let's you know she's getting the Legend on a very regular basis. But if she could be perhaps a bit more absent minded next time and let it all hang out, we'd all appreciate it. Simple request. Then I'll send the wedding gift. Boob for a blender. Let's do this. Enjoy.

Chrissy Teigen Topless on Set of John Legend Music Video


John Legend's song is called All of Me, and while his future wife Chrissy Teigen didn't exactly show all of herself, she showed off her bare boob in a picture that eventually made it's way onto Tumblr and then to the Instagram account of the photographer.

Chrissy didn't seem to mind so much as she retweeted the photo itself, proving once again that Chrissy Teigen is pretty damn cool, that John Legend is a very lucky man, and that topless pictures of women are one hundred times more interesting than anything else posted on social media networks ever. Enjoy.

Chrissy Teigen Sextastic Red Swimsuit Beneath a Waterfall of Skittles

As an advocate of legalized marijuana, I am naturally also a strong proponent of Skittles. There's really no way to separate the two. Hot eurasian model Chrissy Teigen apparently likes them too. Or being paid by them, as she endured a waterfall barrage of Skittles in a commercial shoot for the candy company whilst, more importantly to us, wearing one of her signature low cut swimsuits and showing off her wicked body.

While I could make a crude joke about showering Chrissy is a more organic type of candy, I know there are many impressionable youths reading this site, and God forbid any of them should ever grow up thinking sex is fun, so I'll stick to the fact that after all that sugar flying about, Chrissy is going to need a proper brushing and a a rinse. And I just happen to have a brush handy. Enjoy.

Chrissy Teigen Braless and Jennifer Garner Whale Tail Signal the Coming of a Great Week

At the start of each week I look for some kind of sign that this is going to be a wonderful five-day adventure. This week, the tea leaves pointed me toward a seemingly unrelated concurrence of Chrissy Teigen walking the streets of Manhattan poking proudly and Jennifer Garner flashing most all of her thong to the kids at the local Farmer's Market on the opposite side of the country. Unrelated to the untrained eye perhaps. But Egotastic! sees the duality in the sextastic of ladies' undergarments choices.

Chrissy going without a bra, Jennifer electing to flash her panties with low rise jeans and the constant need to adjust kids in strollers. Each blessed lady with a different approach. Each fitting like a piece into the jigsaw puzzle of what I am certain is going to be a spectacular week ahead. Enjoy.

Chrissy Teigen Wedding Bell Bikinis for Beach Bunny

Anything Chrissy Teigen I'm completely down with. I could watch Chrissy Teigen spooning melted chocolate into her mouth and be a happy man. In fact, I'd pay a little for that scene. But could I be so much of a Chrissy Teigen fan that I could even delight in a view of her pimping my most feared social rite of marriage? Oh, man, that is such a close call.

Chrissy is the latest in the line of super sextastic women to don the wedding bikini look for Beach Bunny swimwear. I'm not exactly sure what the sales angle is here, that women will see these bikinis and imagine wearing them on their honeymoon, or more practically perhaps imagine if they look like Chrissy Teigen they will have absolutely no trouble finding a husband. I can't really get into the mind of women, it's a minefield no man can maneuver. Suffice it to say, Chrissy Teigen makes the idea of taking a bride far more appealing. Enjoy.

Chrissy Teigen Sextastic on the Carpet Pimping Vegas

Chrissy Teigen swears like a a man, but she's all woman when she wants to be, like last night in Sin City celebrating the summer edition of Vegas magazine, which I believe is a periodical devoted to helping you lose your money faster when you visit the oasis in the desert.

Chrissy is one of Eurasian goddesses who kinds of lays low and then every now and then, blammo, uber-hotness in some new magazine spread or live appearance in barely any clothing. There's something to be said for a woman who is full of those kinds of surprises. And that thing is, please, surprise us more often, in even more shocking ways. I bet she has some good ones in mind. Enjoy.