Chrissy Teigen Steps Out In Sultry Negligee

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aldo-vallon - January 31, 2018

 I have often heard people claim that pregnant women have a glow about them, but I never believed it. I thought that was just something nice to say to a woman whose body was in the process of being destroyed. I still am not convinced that any real women glow without being subjected to radiation, but Chrissy Teigen is one piece of evidence in support of the claim. It is still possible that her aura is resulting from the flash of the camera reflecting off her fine chipmunk cheeks.

How is it that a woman can look like every race at the same time? It is like a doctor strapped her mom to a paint shaker at the semen store and shook her up real good while giving her a little of everything. I do not condone of strapping anyone--man, woman, or child--to a paint shaker in reality, I am just saying Chrissy looks like she could be what happens if you did. And I must say, the results are impressive. I doubt lightning could strike twice, which is probably why I have never heard anything about a sister.   



That's a fun word, isn't it?


Photo Credit: Splash News