Chloe Sevigny

Chloe Sevigny Booty Cheeks With Bonnet

I’ll say this for thespianic Chloe Sevigny. She’s never boring. She’s taken more risks in her acting roles and photographic appearances than probably any one in Hollywood. Sometimes it’s off, sometimes it’s on, but it’s always hard to ignore. That deserves some kind of trophy. Not the big one perhaps, but one of those ones they used to give me in sports to make me feel like keeping the bench warm really helped the team out.

Featured in this odd butt-cheek and lobster over lady nest pictorial, Chloe once again raises the bar on just play odd. Of course, I wouldn’t show you just plain odd if it didn’t come with one peek worthy bare bottom for a now forty year old veteran actress. The entire thing is entirely unique. I’d miss Chloe if she didn’t do this kind of stuff on camera. I’m just an old softie I suppose. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Marfa Journal

Emmy Rossum, Chloe Sevigny, and Elizabeth Moss Nekkid in the Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

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It’s time. The weekly review, a digest if you will, of the best skin on screen of the week in theaters or available for your home viewing. Where would we be without topless women on our digital devices? A cold, dark, and lonely place I tell you. I’d hate to have to think what life would be like outside, in the sun, without boobs. Shudder to think.

This week’s Mr. Skin Minute features Chloe Sevigny topless and making the sexy once again in theaters in The Wait, Elizabeth Moss getting nekkid in a passionate scene from Top of the Lake now out on DVD, and Emmy Rossum baring her sweet funbags in the season premiere of Shameless. Enjoy.

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READER FINDS: Jaime Pressly Topless, Jennifer Lopez Bra and Panties, Chloe Sevigny Nekkid, and Much Much More…

Chloe Sevigny Nekkid in Hit and Miss
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Why not make this our biggest Reader Finds ever? I mean, nobody gets excited about the smallest something or other ever. Nobody wants the ‘kinda big’ soda at the Mini-Mart, they want the XXL. Let’s just get right down to our weekly business of communal sextastic celebrity sharing then, shall we? And let’s make it like 120-plus photos huge.

This week’s Reader Finds includes Chloe Sevigny nekkid onscreen as she always seems to be (many thanks to EgoReader ‘Paul John’), Christina Aguilera very naughty and Not Myself Tonight caps (courtesy of ‘Dirgen’), Emma Watson cleavy from a W magazine pictorial (contributed by ‘Derek’), a revised look at Elena Anaya and Natasha Yarovenko nekkid in the now euro-classic Room in Rome (benevolently transmitted by ‘Owen’), Katy Perry saucy in a Gregg Delman photoshoot (dropped on our doorstep by ‘Amod’), Madison Welch and Melissa Debling in one epic bubble bath (boobtastic provided by ‘Dennis’), the bodacious Sammy Braddy in a revealing Zoo pictorial (sensibly shared by ‘Aurelia’), Kendall Jenner black and white and bikini all over (photos mailed by ‘Anon’), Katy Perry once more hottie for Esquire (stumbled upon by ‘Dave H.’), Agnes Bruckner in her busty promotional stills playing Anna Nicole Smith on Lifetime (woah, cleavy, donated by ‘Amy P.’), Evan Rachel Wood underrated hottie in Arena magazine (ponied up by ‘Steven’), Jaime Pressly topless in some really craptastic cinema (bare boobed delights from ‘Thomas’), the big-topped topless blonde girl from the beach scenes in Spring Breakers (fabulous find by ‘Don Jon’), Marisa Miller sexy maybe archival photos in this month’s GQ India (shared forthwith by ‘Emmy’), Seren Gibson topless and oh so wicked hot (chesty pics submitted by ‘Aaron’), Jennifer Tilly topless onscreen going way back now (sweet olden days find from ‘MRate’), Anne Heche also quite topless on the big screen (Ellen’s ex uncovered by ‘Scorps’), HD cap of Jennifer Aniston bra and panties in We Are the Millers (much love for ‘Mike’ on this one), Genesis Rodriguez stepping topless out of lake on a Spanish soap opera (muy en fuego view from ‘Harashkupo’) Bar Refaeli in hot ‘Fox’ photoshoot (from the Israeli model loving ‘Amod’), Jennifer Lopez in her underwear in caps from Parker (sweet treats from ‘Dan B.’), saucy Britty Lucy Mecklenburgh in a yellow bikini (two pieces of goodness from ‘Michael G.’), Victoria Xipolitakis blonde Argentinean model celebrating independence day (muchas gracias para ‘Juan D.’), Izabel Goulart topless in Purple magazine (from the blessed ‘Admin’), hi-res view of Rosario Dawson full frontal nekkid in Trance (the fully monty contributed by ‘Watson’), and, last, but not least, Luisa Zissman, Apprentice UK Contestant in some racy Facebook photos (many thanks to EgoReader ‘Morris’ on this introduction).

Mr. Skin Minute Features Michelle Williams Muff. Chloe Sevigny Nekkid Tranny, and Laura Prepon Topless (VIDEO)

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I remember being a young teen boy, frustrated by my lack of success at reaching second base with any of my romantic objects d’ lust, and sneaking into R-rated movies thinking that this might just be my only chance to ever see faptastic funbags in my life. Well, not all that much has changed since those days, except that now thanks to Mr. Skin, I can have all the cinematic successes bundled into more neatly packaged only-the-good-stuff pieces.

This week’s Mr. Skin Minute features Michelle Williams not nekkid in Oz: The Great and Powerful, but quite full frontal in Take This Waltz, indie daring darling Chloe Sevigny nekkid and sporting both female and male parts (be forwarned) in Hit or Miss, and out on Blu-Ray, the glorious globes of Laura Prepon finally flashing fully in Lay the Favorite. It’s a celluloid mouthful. Enjoy.

(Be sure to get your EgoReader special membership to Mr. Skin to truly waste your time in a wonderfully blissful manner.)

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Chloe Sevigny Bikini Pictures Are Unusually Au Natural

We always get some clamoring from the clamorers about all the enhanced bodies we show here on Egotastic! Well, given that 90% or more of Hollywood have been touched up in some manner or another (or a lot) it’s not easing going au natural with the female celebrity form. But, today, we get to peep Chloe Sevigny, the indie thespianic flashing her natural bikini body on the beach in Miami.

We’ve always appreciated Chloe as one of the few less tinseled celebs in Tinsel Town willing to take off her clothes on screen, repeatedly, to pay the role of a real woman. But, what say you about real women’s bodies? Personally, we find it very refreshing, so much so that our doctor has recommended we ogle Chloe to bring down our blood pressure, escalated from a weekend bloated with donuts and porn. Enjoy.

Chloe Sevigny Demands Bikini Body Respect (BONUS VIDEO)


There’s much to be said for Chloe Sevigny. Oh, sure, I mean, she can act. There’s that. And puts her in the minority class among her celebrity cohorts. But today, I’m focusing on her pretty strong bikini body skills, I mean, I don’t usually go-to Chloe Sevigny when I’m thinking about hot celebrity bodies, but these Chloe Sevigny bikini pictures from over the holiday weekend teach us that it’s not all about talent, perseverance, and heart on the inside, sometimes it is just about nice boobs, a sweet butt, and toned body on the outside. I think it’s important sometimes to remind ourselves to be more superficial. Enjoy.

Photo credit: / / Fame

Okay, by popular demand (and a billion, ‘oh, my god, did you see…’ emails), here’s Chloe Sevigny in one of her more (in)famous roles, performing what the kids like to call fellatio upon a fellow actor in The Brown Bunny.

Viewer Discretion Advised: there is man-junk and a making of the mouth-type sexy in this scene.

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Chloe Sevigny Topless Pictures On the Pages of Blast


I’m the first to admit that Chloe Sevigny is quite borderline sexy celebrity, and she’s not been on this site in some time, but boobtastic photos are a very good way to get yourself off that fence. These Chloe Sevigny topless pictures from Blast magazine are a classic example of our prime directive: celebrity boobs rule. Enjoy.