Charisma Carpenter

Charisma Carpenter Topless Birthday Silent Nekkid Protest on Instagram In All Her Glory


The legendarily veteran hot Charisma Carpenter took a stand on her birthday by posting a topless photo of her extraordinarily hot body and posting it to Instagram, a Facebook company, that abides by the same Taliban views on the female body as its parent company, meaning censure and loss of accounts for showing nipples. It’s wrong, everybody knows it’s wrong, but Facebook earns twenty million dollars a second, so, yeah, they’re not feeling the need to change. So be it.

I normally don’t show sweet un-starred treats on the homepage of Egotastic! It bothers the people who sell laundry detergent a whole lot, even though they don’t think people who appreciate the female anatomy deserve laundry detergent in the first place. In honor of Charisma’s character, confidence, and most importantly, those ridiculously hot jugs, here she is presented in her full glory.

(Thank you to so many of you EgoReaders who snagged this photo of Charisma before it was removed.)

Charisma Carpenter Bikini Pictures Perfectly MILFtastically Awesome

Whoa, Charisma Carpenter in her bikini on the beach in Malibu, be still my clogged arterial barely beating heart. What a true veteran hottie.

The 40-something sextastic celebrities are showing how to exhibit the bodies on the beach and by the pools today; just looking at Charima and her tanned fine body in a little blue bikini, well, first I want to go back and watch all her Buffy and Angel episodes. Then, I think I might cry for about eleven minutes. Followed by penning an endless number of heartfelt letters to Charisma asking her if I can be the guy who carries her purse while she shops for her next bikini.

I’d do that. I’d be a purse holder for Charisma. Holding a woman’s purse in public is like a social castration, but just for the chance to see to Charisma ‘turn around, let me see the backside’. It’d be worth it. Enjoy.

Charisma Carpenter Tweeting Her Perty Perfect Bikini Body Means This Is Going to Be a Great Week

I didn’t need to look far to find a good omen of the sextastic in this coming week. Thanks to a bunch of you who caught Charisma Carpenter over the weekend flashing her fleshy perfection in a bikini and looking to share her hotness with the rest of the world. I’m not sure why Charisma was shy about showing off her full and beautifully pouty face, but, as a man who can appreciate a woman just for her body, well, I’m feeling very appreciative here this morning.

And, oh, by the way, Charisma recently turned forty-three years of MILFtastic age. Check out that seriously beach ready body. She knows it’s sweet and that’s why she’s sharing it with you. Have you ever seen me Tweet my body across the net? Nay. Nobody needs to feel their stomaches wrench. Just have their happy boys jump at the sight of Charisma. Great omen. This is going to be a great week indeed. Enjoy.

Charisma Carpenter Nekkid for Our Independence Day Playboy Plus Mega Special Offer

Charisma Carpenter Topless Playboy Photoshoot
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No, we don’t have to bring you the likes of former Buffy hottie Charisma Carpenter in her birthday suit to celebrate an 80% off membership special from Playboy Plus, but I’m assuming you’re not going to complain about that. She really is one of the more under-appreciated in the sextastic celebrity class, despite having a body that deserves to be immortalized in bronze along some prominent public forum.

Get 80% off Playboy Plus membership to celebrate American Independence Day

While America takes a load off today in honor of its birthday. Why not take a load off, err, treat yourself or a friend to the entire vault of nekkid celebrities and models on Playboy Plus via this 4th of July special. Don’t forget to blow out the candles. Enjoy.

Charisma Carpenter Shows Off Her Mommeries at Thirst Gala

Buffy fans will never ever give up their longing for Charisma Carpenter. New fans of Charisma Carpenter can well join in the lust for the now 40-something Charisma, who brought her two motherly melons out for play at the 4th Annual Thirst Gala in Beverly Hills last night. I’m not exactly sure what the Thirst Gala is, but I can’t help but think it was at least partially slaked by the presence of Charisma’s impressive lady humps.

I love nothing more than when one of my long time sextastic celebrity favorites shows up proud and strong and skin-baring once more in public. Charisma, it is truly my pleasure to leer at you this day. Enjoy.

MSM Weekly Fleshtastic Roundup Includes Charisma Carpenter Bare Booty, Nekkid Jaws Action, and True Blood Toplessness (VIDEO)

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The heat wave continues here West of the Mississippi, partially related to my whipped cream whip-it usage back in high school, so I take some blame. But it’s kept many of us indoors the past few weeks, and let’s be honest, you can only watch The Wonder Years repeats so many times (I’ve watched each episode thrice) before you’re looking for a little skin-filled relief in the form of more grown up filmed entertainment. So, as they do every week, our friends at Mr. Skin have compiled a suggestion list for three flesh-filled digital media offerings that might just raise your anchors.

This week’s Mr. Skin Minute includes the bare buttockals of veteran hottie Charisma Carpenter in Flirting with Danger, Susan Backlinie, the nekkid girl from the original Jaws, and the girls from True Blood getting bloody topless for our immortal pleasures. Enjoy.

(And don’t forget your Mr. Skin annual passport to hundreds of thousands of nekkid on film and TV scenes.)

See the Mr. Skin Minute Uncensored »

Charisma Carpenter Down-Dress Cleavage Highlights the ‘Expendables 2′ Red Carpet

Well, hello Charisma Carpenter boobtastic.

The veteran actress and former Buffy star joined with her fellow cast of Expendables 2 premiere in Hollywood last night; but unlike the rest of her cast mostly sporting older dude man boobs, Charisma’s 42-year old hooters held up more than nicely as she gave all oglers on the red carpet a beautiful shot of her delicious funbag bounty. And quite a treasure chest indeed.

I’m not so sure how this film will turn out, but I’m sure the premiere was more than fine, thanks to Charisma. Enjoy.