Celine Dion

Celine Dion Gets Sexy (Yep, Sexy) for V Magazine

Your heart will go on and maybe your unmentionables will grow long for the first time in your life to thoughts and visuals of French-Cannuckian diva Celine Dion who shows a side of herself in V-Magazine we haven’t see much before outside of our occasionally inexplicable naughty dreams where random folks like Celine Dion and the lady fishmonger at our local Vietnamese grocer suddenly appear in some bizarre getups and we prematurely soil ourselves.

But this one, this one is entirely explainable.  Celine looks pretty damn teasy good. Am I paying $130 to see her sing at Caesar’s Palace? Yeah, no. But I am checking her out for free on Egotastic!, naturally. Enjoy.

Celine Dion Bikini Pictures Are a Problem

Okay, this celebrity bikini picture shit is getting out of hand. I know it’s what this site is basically about, but I swore to myself I’d never do a Celine Dion post, but not only am I doing a Celine Dion post, I’m doing a fucking Celine Dion bikini pictures post. If that’s not a sign that I’ve got a problem, I don’t know what is. I’ll be checking into celebrity bikini rehab today. I just pray they don’t have Internet, because I can’t stop myself.

Photo credit: bauergriffinonline.com