Kendall Jenner is Down at The Lake!

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Echo Lawrence - September 3, 2020

Kendall Jenenr is at the lake house, I am just not too sure who the lake house belongs to, I just know there's a dock and a dock is key to getting those great cottage bikini pics that we can assume Mom-Ager Kris insisted on.

There is a strategy to this digital marketing hustle that the entire family relies on. I am sure you remember how Kim and her mom launched Kim's career. I trust you can work through the math and science behind the motivation of every single bikini pic, gossip headline, scandal that has ever been posted by anyone in their clan!

I will say that Kendall is by far the best contribution the family has given us, I am not entirely sure if you can officially have a best of anything as mindless and evil as the money grubbers that shaped or inspired all the social media starlets of tomorrow, basically ruining the moral fabric of a generation, but apparently you can, because this one is hot.