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Camille Grammer Bikini Pictures Put the Busty Housewife in Malibu

It’s nice to see Camille Grammer back. I don’t watch her show since I’m a man with all the sports packages on his TV, but I do know she was going through some treatments for cancer and we always root for the ladies working their way through that hardship.

Camille seems to be doing quite well for herself in her recovery, showing off her natural and unnatural assets on the beach in Malibu in a bikini pretty daring for a lady of forty-five. But, as always, we applaud. And ogle her motherly assets. Camille has made it known she’s looking for a cougar cub to keep her warm in the evenings. You could do worse, young swarthy men of America. Enjoy.

Camille Grammer Is Celebrating Renewed Health; We Take a Look at Her Nekkid in Playboy

Camille Grammer Topless Photoshoot for Playboy
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I don’t really watch the Real Housewives shows because I do have male genitalia. But I know Camille Grammer is quite the focal point of the Beverly Hills edition, especially through the period she split from Kelsey and went on her own cougaring ways. More recently, Camille was bit by endometrial cancer, which is not a fun thing, but is now celebrating completion of her tough rounds of chemo and radiation, literally ringing the celebratory bell at her treatment facility. This makes us happy. No matter the person really. So, we’re celebrating too, in honestly the only way I know how — peeking at Camille’s ridiculous topless hotness from 1996, the year she fell madly in love with the Frasier star. In the very least, you’ll be able to see why Kelsey fell madly in love and or lust with Camille.

Just One Single Dollar to Explore the Playboy Plus Hot Nekkid Treasure Chest!

Thanks to our friends at Playboy Plus for helping us share this joyous occasion with ridiculously hot photos of Camille from her glamour modeling days. She was quite the looker. Still not too shabby at all. And, blessedly, healthy again. Enjoy.

Camille Grammer Bikini Pictures Shine With Housewife Boobtastic in Greece

I’m not particularly down with the Real Housewives TV series on Bravo. If I want to watch older drunk women wandering about their superficial lives, well, I’ll just go home for Christmas this year (no offense, Aunt Rhonda).  But, there are moments with some of these across-the-board implanted ladies that do call for a little leering time. Like Camille Grammer in a tiny bikini in Greece.

I guess she’s showing ex Kelsey that she can have some mid-life fun as well, as she’s bouncing about the Aegean with some young looking swarthy dude who we cut out of the pictures because we could care less about young looking swarthy dudes. Big bikini boobtastic caught candidly on vacation however, yeah, a different story. I’m a sucker for wet bulging chests, among ten thousand other shiny objects that grab my attention. Enjoy.

Pardon My French

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Way Back Machine: Camille Grammer Ridiculously Hot in Playboy



Thanks to EgoSuperFan “Jess D.” for reminding us, me especially, that there’s more than one reason to be able to shamelessly tell your friends that your girlfriend makes your watch the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, well one reason beyond the new addition of Brandi Glanville, and that is Camille Grammer. Granted, you have to travel back a ways, to that decade known as the 90′s, to truly understand the wonderments of a young and very Playboy-worthy Camille Grammer, one hot enough to land her Kelsey Grammer, and steal the hearts and other body parts of many young men at the time. So, yes, indeed, in the land of the Way Back Machine, Camille is definitely a second reason to check out Real Housewives.

Victoria Justice Leads List of Red Hotties at the Blue Ball

Sure, it’s easy to bag on Perez Hilton for being a whiny priggish fop. I mean, really really easy. But, I’m giving props where props are due this morning, and if you can get the likes of uber-young hotties Victoria Justice and Selena Gomez to get decked out and show up for your birthday party, well, you’ve got undeniable juice. Perez’s birthday party ‘Blue Ball’ brought out a number of sexy celebrities (and, oddly, one young boy) dressed in their dress blues showing off some sextastic wonder. In addition to Victoria and Selena, the hot-blue likes of Joanna Krupa, Charlotte Ross, Jenna Jameson, Eliza Dushku, Camille Grammer, and Aubrey O’Day. Enjoy.

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Camille Grammer And Her Bitter Divorce Remind Me of More Nekkid Times (VIDEO)


Okay, so my girlfriend who watches the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (I swear on all things Miranda Kerr and holy that it’s not me!) tells me that the big reveal this season was the shocking dumping of Camille Grammer by Cheers and Frazier star, Kelsey Grammer, who apparently boinked and knocked up a much younger flight attendant then filed for a quickie divorce from wife of a dozen years, Camille. Well, this is all juicy gossip I don’t care so much about, except that when I saw Camille Grammer, man, I had some wicked flashbacks. No, not to some swank Hollywood party to which I was certainly never invited, and, no, not back to Camille Grammer and her valiant and noble public service announcements for Irritable Bowel Syndrome, but back to The Naked Detective, a cheeseball film from the mid-90′s, where Camille Grammer (then under her maiden name or stage name more likely) got all hot and naked and boot-knocking. I guess this was right about the time Kelsey met her and proposed, which based upon how she looks nekkid in this skinematastic film, makes perfect sense. But, alas, marriages to girls with troubled colons based upon blonde hair and big boobs, well, I suppose they’re destined to fail with the passage of time. However, thankfully, celluloid lasts a real long time, providing some Camille Grammer flashback treats for the Egotastic! family. Enjoy.

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