Camille Grammer Bikini Pictures Shine With Housewife Boobtastic in Greece

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bill-swift - August 9, 2013

I'm not particularly down with the Real Housewives TV series on Bravo. If I want to watch older drunk women wandering about their superficial lives, well, I'll just go home for Christmas this year (no offense, Aunt Rhonda).  But, there are moments with some of these across-the-board implanted ladies that do call for a little leering time. Like Camille Grammer in a tiny bikini in Greece.

I guess she's showing ex Kelsey that she can have some mid-life fun as well, as she's bouncing about the Aegean with some young looking swarthy dude who we cut out of the pictures because we could care less about young looking swarthy dudes. Big bikini boobtastic caught candidly on vacation however, yeah, a different story. I'm a sucker for wet bulging chests, among ten thousand other shiny objects that grab my attention. Enjoy.