Brittney Palmer

Brittney Palmer Wicked Hot and Holding Her Own for Fitness Gurls

Dang, I'm kind of in lust with UFC ring girl extraordinaire Brittney Palmer. It's just about all I can handle to see her and Arianny strutting about with numbers above their heads during MMA matches. But now you take this luscious bodacious blonde and get her into sexy little outfits, or none at all, for Fitness Gurls magazine and suddenly you have a roundhouse kick right to the libido.

Brittney Palmer is one of those girls that makes you feel happy to be a man. I can imagine making many babies with her fit female form. That 9 1/2 weeks thing she's got going on there with the tie in her panties is outright going to be the reproductive death of me. But at least I'll go with a big smile. What else can you ask for? Enjoy.

And, yeah, you're going to want to see the Brttiney Palmer Behind the Scenes video from this photoshoot. I promise you, you have nothing better to do for the next two minutes.

MMA Awards Bring Out Hotties like Brittney Palmer, Angel Porrino, and Jade Bryce

The mixed-martial arts babes were out in full force over the weekend for the MMA Awards in Vegas. The pugilistic sports have always attracted the good looking ladies, since the dawn of time. Women like men who fight. Well, men who fight and get paid. Something of a caveat. Hence, the appearance of UFC babe Brittney Palmer, Jade Bryce of Bellator renown, and Angel Porrino, notorious hottie from Holly Madison's TV Show.

All in all, I'm reminded that fighting sports attract better looking ladies than my own passion sport of tetherball. I mostly get girls in braces with gastrointestinal distress. Oh, that girls with wicked hot bodies would get all decked out someday to come support me in my tetherball tournaments. Brittney, Jade, Angel, come watch, it's super exciting. I'll be on the blacktop. Enjoy.

Arianny Celeste, Brittney Palmer, and Vanessa Hanson Host the UFC Afterparty With Boobtastic Submissions

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention, err, show, the pride of the UFC, Arianny Celeste, Brittney Palmer, and Vanessa Hanson out at the Hard Rock UFC 168 after party over the weekend. I'm not sure if the mood was dampened just a tad by Anderson Silva gruesomely snapping his lower leg bone in the main event of the evening. But I'm guessing after a couple cocktails and ogling of these ridiculously hot women's finer assets, the mood got pretty jolly pretty fast.

Heck, if I fractured my own ankle I'd hobble my way over to talk to these girls and ask them for a little kissy kissy before having my bone re-snapped into place. From pain comes pleasure. I might have that backward. Mostly I just want an invite to these parties. Enjoy.

Arianny Celeste, Brittney Palmer, and Kenda Perez in Bikinis for UFC 360

I'm not sure what's more eventful UFC news. Silva being knocked out by Weidman, or ridiculously hot ring girls Arianny Celeste, Brittney Palmer, and Kenda Perez all in bikinis for UFC 360 magazine. I can tell you which one has a bigger impact on my life. Oh, three fine ladies in two piece swimsuits flashing their world class sweet bodies. Mama said knock me out with a smile.

I'm not sure who first invented the 'ring girl' as a concept. But I would like to thank them in some meaningful way. The combination of blood sport and sextastic young ladies in bikinis truly is genius. And, an ogle-must. Just so fine. Enjoy.

Brittney Palmer Covered Topless in FHM for the 99.9% of You Who Love Super Hot Ring Girls

Yesterday, we saw the amazing behind the scenes of this smoking hot Brittney Palmer shoot for FHM magazine, now check out the results of all that hard-bodied work.

We're not in the position to start ranking our favorite UFC Rings Girls, it'd be like deciding which child you love the most (which I know you parents are actually doing, and just keeping a secret, although I heard my dad's secret one drunken evening, and I was ranked near the bottom of the brood), but we will say that Brittney Palmer is a girl we can not stop dreaming of walking in heels around our bed with a sign that reads, 'Round 3' as we beg for a ten minute refractory break from our sweaty love making. Enjoy.

(If you missed the Brittney Palmer FHM video, check it out now, seriously, right the fuck now.)

Brittney Palmer Crazy Sexy Behind the Scenes of Her FHM Photoshoot

Wow, UFC Ring Girl Brittney Palmer comes up big and strong and sexy and crazy hot in this look behind the scenes of her current FHM magazine photoshoot.

We're already long-time fascinated and head-over-heels in lust with Brittney Palmer, in good measure because of her Playboy pictorial earlier this year where she finally took it all off (click here to join PlayboyPlus to see the full birthday suit photos of Brittney among other nekkid niceties) but now we're about to go overboard, way overboard, with infatuation after viewing Brittney in candid form at the production of her photoshoot. Some girls are just crazy  hot. Brittney Palmer is some of those girls.

Check Out the Brittney Palmer FHM Video »

Brittney Palmer Bikini Pictures Bring Some Octagonal Heat to Miami Beach

UFC Ring Girl and all-around super-hottie Brittney Palmer did us the tremendous pleasure of stripping down to a bikini along the Florida coast for an ogle-worthy glimpse of her sweet hot body.

As you know, we are preordained to lust all things UFC Ring Girl, so we're already huge Brittney Palmer fans, but in that little pink and blue bikini, those sweet melons and that firm body, it's almost too much. (But too much is never enough, so be sure to check out Brittney Palmer in her Playboy pictorial from March -- epic epic hot.) Enjoy.