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Egotastic Exclusive: The Mainstreaming of Porn Continues with ‘Live Nude Girls’

Porn continues its inevitable march toward your grandmother’s television with the new R-rated comedy Live Nude Girls. The film stars NewsRadio alumni Dave Foley and Andy Dick as well as several high-profile adult stars: Bree Olson, Tera Patrick, Asa Akira, and Nikki Benz, just to name a few. The film also stars a rather sexy looking Kristen DeLuca, who is not a porn star (you probably don’t care that I made that distinction, but I figure her parents might appreciate it).

The film takes place in the 1980′s and involves a young man who inherits a failing strip club from his uncle. Your main takeaway from that synopsis should be the strip club.

Sure, you can already see most of these girls naked via the internet, but it’s much easier to trick your wife or girlfriend into watching an R-rated comedy featuring a naked Bree Olson than it is to trick her into watching hardcore pornography. Example: That time she tricked you into watching Magic Mike. (Source)

Vegas Pimpstress Roundup: Maria Menounos, Adrienne Bailon, and Bree Olson Get Sin City Sextastic

Three hot women. Three nightclubs to be pimped. One city.

Appearance fees were swirling over the past weekend as the desert hotspot handed out cash money to the hotties from L.A. to come and promote their various casino nightclub events. Yes, it’s a seedy business, but, yes, it’s one that gives us an eyeful of the sextastic each and every week, including tres hotties in the form of the simply stunning Maria Menounos, ex-Cheetah Girls and all around Latina boobtastic, Adrienne Bailon, and for the 99.8% of you out there who’ve witnessed adult entertainment on film, Bree Olson, former Charlie Sheen goddess and winner of many backdoor cinematic competitions.

Who takes the Vegas cake for ultimate pimpstress?

Dead Sexy

Early Halloween look for Katy Perry. (HuffPo)

Halle Berry vs. Cameron Diaz: Bikini Battle. (FoxNews)

Good morning, Hilary Duff. (GossipCenter)

Say it aint so, Bree Olson! (TMZ)

Ali Larter nipples want out. (DrunkenStepfather)

Koopa Troopa open mic night. (CollegeHumor)

Hey there, Michelle Williams cleavage. (Popoholic)

Former Charlie Sheen Goddess Bree Olson Bares All For the Bunny


Okay, it’s not as if Bree Olson hasn’t been seen nekkid before, as though still quite young, she was a rather prolific star of the mature themed entertainment world for a brief, but noteworthy while. Still, making the cover of Playboy is an entirely new level of on-camera spread, certainly an aspiration of so many hotties, including the ones at one point hung their futures on the rising star that was the falling Charlie Sheen and his impromptu cult of Chuck. Yeah, that didn’t go so well. But, there’s an old saying: if you’re super hot and blonde and have an amazing body, you’ll be just fine. Maybe it’s not an old saying, maybe I just made it up, but it seems to make sense.

Bree Olson will be just fine. She is just fine. If she can stick to just one stage name and talented photographers, she’ll become even finer. Enjoy.

Slinky Jen

Jennifer Aniston in lingerie and sucking on things. (HuffPo)

Newly single Bar Refaeli bikini pictures. (Celebuzz)

Can’t get enough Pippa Middleton. (FoxNews)

Sofia Vergara cashing in on her hot body. (PopEater)

Bree Olson nekkid in the bathroom. (DrunkenStepfather)

Hayden Panettiere is free! (TMZ)

Uma Thurman sexy, long legs. (FabLife)

Charlie Sheen Goddess Bree Olson Quits Via Text (See Exclusive Recent Bree Olson Nekkid Pictures from ZZInsider)


According to our breaking news friends at TMZ, Charlie Sheen goddess numero uno, Bree Olson, just ditched the beleaguered talk-show tour tweaker by way of text breakup. Now, I’ve been broken up with via text before so I know how this feels. It was my Piloxing instructor, Tae Longshanks. who dumped me through the digisphere because he said me bringing my adult chocolate milk beverages to the workout room showed my lack of commitment to the training regimen. It stung. It was hard to hear harsh words, even if completely true, by way of my lipstick red Sidekick. Were Charlie Sheen not completely numb to all bodily and psychological sensations, he might be upset too, but probably mostly he’s already calling 1-800-PORNSTAR for a new goddess referral.

More to the Egotastic! point, our good friends at, the folks who bring you great adult industry goings on in a safe-for-work format, they zipped us over an exclusive look at some of the most recent Bree Olson photoshoot work. Well, let’s not call it work, that’s kind of misleading. Photoshoot nekkid delight. And, while I wouldn’t go so far as saying she’s a natural goddess, she’s definitely a natural something something that makes me wonder why a man wouldn’t want to be fully sober while riding that particular adult Disneyland type ride. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Bree Olson Topless in a Real Movie, Gena Lee Nolin Sex Tape, Irish McCalla, the Original Sheena, and Miley Cyrus SNL Cleavetastic (VIDEO)


Who knew that Charlie Sheen goddess Bree Olson, or whatever she may be calling herself these days, was actually in a legit movie a couple years go? Purgatory Comics. Well, Egotastic! reader ‘Ralph S.’ did. Apparently, Bree isn’t altogether horrible in the movie either, or, at least, she takes off her top, which is the penultimate of actress skills in our book, of course.

Two hands (or one) clap for superfan ‘GMTO’ for reminding us of the vintage (pre-Kardashian, pre-Hilton) sex tape from Gena Lee Nolin, who we just remembered to remember in yesterday’s post about hotties in jungle wear. There was a time when sex tapes were actually amateur and cheaply shot and not intended for direct sales. Oh, the memories. (VIEWER WARNING: This is a sex tape with all kinds of nekkid Gena Lee Nolin body parts and some dude and birds and bees stuff.)

Watch the Video »