Bo Osinski

Bo Osinski Still Pimping Water, Still Looking Effin’ Amazing

It may not be an A-list assignment, but nobody is working harder or showing more this past week in a beachy model shoot than L.A.’s Bo Osinski who is working up a sextastic storm in various guises for the mysterious 138 Water company.

I’ve not heard of Bo before this campaign, but I must say she looks ridiculously hot in every single hot girl cliche wardrobe they’ve put her in this past ten days. From tanks and no bras, shorts and no panties, bikini bottoms to sheer wet tees, she’s running the classic gamut of wicked beach girl ware and making it all look extra special. I’m still not buying this water, but I am imagining bathing in it with Bo. Enjoy.

Bo Osinski Slipping Nips Now For Water Loving Pimptastic Promotions

Bo Osinski Nip Slip While on a Shoot for 138 Water in Venice Beach
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Yesterday we met L.A. model Bo Osinski who is the latest hottie tapped to pimp the photo shizz out of 138 bottled water. You can see her full crack-a-lacking asstastic and braless and panties-less set below:

In her second round of shooting, Bo has now offered up a little bit of nips in hopes that your hydration quotient will rise, if that actually means anything, and her headlights will drive you toward fancy bottled water purchases. I suppose that would work on a softie like me who can’t say no to a nipple. If her teats could actually dispense the water, we might have a major sales phenomenon on our hands. Enjoy.

Bo Osinski Takes Off Her Panties for a 138 Water Shoot in Venice Beach