Berenice Marlohe

Berenice Marlohe In a Fancy Cleavy Swimsuit for Bond Girl Fantasies

Granted, this catalog spread is designed to sell expensive Lagerfield bathing suits to women of high-end tastes, but even for men of quite commonly naughty taste, the sight of Bond girl Berenice Marlohe dolled up in a swimsuit feels like it could be for me.

Like I could be standing there by the beach motel in my trunks while Berenice steps out made up in this number and asks me if I remembered the cooler full of Pacificos and the Slim Jims. It could happen. Maybe. Maybe. Enjoy.

Taylor Swift Looks Hot, But Berenice Marlohe and Jessie J Deep Cleavage Win the 2013 BRIT Awards

It’s not just award season here in the U.S., back in Jolly Old England the Britty types are also honoring their celebrities for their unending contributions to the artistic endowment of the human race, and, more importantly, bringing together some super hotties decked out and showing off in the process. So, we are obliged to peek.

And while Taylor Swift certainly looked rather stellar all dressed up and showing off her newly composed figure, it was Bond girl Berenice Marlohe, along with singer Jessie J, who stole the red carpet with displays of the boobtastic that deserved a herald’s triumphant horn blast. Berenice in particular was flashing so much cleavage that we had our fingers crossed for a full on malfunction, of her wardrobe I mean, not our private parts, though the two clearly would’ve gone hand in hand, as it were. Enjoy.

Berenice Marlohe May Just Be Our New Favorite Object D’Lust

Well before even release of Skyfall, we knew that we had an unshakeable thing going on with French actress Berenice Marlohe. A crazy little thing called lust.

It may be those come hither eyes, that killer body, those looks, or just some inexplicable combination of everything above that has our tongues wagging every time we see the latest Bond girl in her various visual delights, including this new promotional photoshoot for Omega (above), or in this John Russo photoshoot for Esquire Mexico (below).

We just want to pick up the phone, call Berenice on her necessarily silly-sounding ring French phone, and ask her if we might come over for a glass of wine and a slice of her intimate cheese. It’s worth a shot. Ring-ring.

Berenice Marlohe in John Russo Photoshoot for Esquire Mexico

The Mr. Skin Minutes Features Topless Berenice Marlohe and Naomie Harris In Honor of ‘Skyfall’ Opening (VIDEO)

Click to See Uncensored

Well, in just a few hours time, the entire half-drunken (we’re working on it) Egotastic! staff will be trekking out to see Skyfall, because it’s Bond, and it looks pretty awesome, and our Russian friend Gherlov who sees movies three months before they’re even produced, told us that we must see it.

But, before then, we are quite pleased that our brothers in boobs at Mr. Skin have put together a nicely timed theme of the girls from Skyfall, specifically, Berenice Marlohe and Naomie Harris, in some other cinematic ventures where you might see them sans tops. Additionally, check out a few more recommendations to get your Bond girl fill. (Oh, and don’t forget to get your special Egotastic! membership to Mr. Skin, for about one billion one gazillion photos and video clips of all your favorite celebrities on TV and film.)

See the Uncensored Mr. Skin Minute »

Bérénice Marlohe Lingerie Pictures Hot Enough to Make the Sky Fall (Eh, Get It?)

As if Skyfall would not be enough to make us fall deep deep in lust with new Bond girl, Bérénice Marlohe, how about a ridiculously hot lingerie mini-pictorial in FHM magazine. Oh, man, that ridiculously sweet body on Berenice, in some skimpy stretch things, it’s pretty damn fine.

As far as Bond girls go, we have yet to fully rank Berenice in the list of hotness, but I have a sneaking suspicion this French fox is going to do quite well for herself on that list.


Berenice Marlohe Nearly Spills Out of Her Top at ‘Skyfall’ Premiere in London

Now, this is a wonderful way to kick off Skyfall promotion season. New Bond girl and super French hottie Berenice Marlohe going old-school cleavage flashing at the London premiere of the very latest installment in the 007 film franchise.

We’ve been geeked about Berenice since we first heard the announcement of her naming to the film project as the latest in the illustrious line of sextastic Bond girls. It’s a lot to live up to. And this funbag near-spillage show at the movie premiere — it’s a heck of a start. Enjoy.