Berenice Marlohe Red Carpet Bare Midriff Hottie for ‘Revolt’

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bill-swift - November 16, 2017

Berenice Marlohe looks hot for any occasion. Including the red carpet for a craptastic alien invasion movie. Why let a movie bust define who you are as a ridiculously alluring French thespianic and model. Precisely.

The former Bond girl and all-around passion inducing sweetheart pulled out something black and little and bare midriff for the premiere event, because the sextastic is something that isn't optional viewing. Every lady in Hollywood and its proxy towns about the world understand that the chance to sashay down a crimson carpet lined with photographers from every news outlet imaginable is more than a mere opportunity, it's calling for a smoking hot body show. Berenice lives up to the task and then some.

If for no other reason than these red carpet visual wonderments, we need people to keep making movies, good or bad. What gets lost when the public theater goes away by way of entire home and mobile viewing? The hotties decked out to the nines. Consider. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News