Barbara Guerra

Barbara Guerra and Alessandra Sorcinelli Kissing, That’s a Beautiful Thing

We met Barbara Guerra on the beach in Miami these other day, she’s one of the Berlusconi sex party girls, though I think she prefers other titles formally, and her hottie showgirl friend Alessandra Sorcinelli, who has a really long name to write but it’s all totally worth it because these two girls started making out outside a nightclub over the weekend.

It’s really amazing how two girls start kissing and nothing else really matters in the world. All your cares, troubles, worldly troubles, all vanish into thin air at the sight of two lovely ladies locking lips. Sure, we could coordinate ten million people to issue the same prayer of peace from across the globe simultaneously, or, we could just have hotties making out. I know what I’m voting for if that election ever comes up. Enjoy.

Barbara Guerra Bikini Pictures Deliver Italian Party Girl Booty from the Boot

I’m not exactly sure what you call a girl who’s a reality TV starlet and then gets caught up in a cash for fun time type arrangement with the Prime Minister of the country. I guess here we’d call that a Kardashian-like character. In Italy, just Barbara Guerra, one of the many show girls reported to have been involved in the sex parties at the vacation homes of former PM Berlusconi. Hey, everyone’s got to eat.

While being a professional party girl is not necessarily the dream job you wish for your loved ones, seeing Barbara now on the beach in her bikini in Miami, I can at least see why she made the professional cut. That is quite a figure she presents. Quite a booty she shakes to and fro. I’d like to think that if I were rich and powerful, I mean, richer and more powerful than now, that I’d show more restraint. But I can barely contain myself now at the site of Barbara Guerra. The flesh is weak. Enjoy.