Bregje Heinen for Frederick’s of Hollywood

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egoadmin - February 19, 2020

It's been a while since I've seen Bregje Heinen in anything. I remember laughing about her name, since I am not Dutch, pronouncing it or trying to pronounce it made some weird and unappealing sounds, when contrasted to how hot she is, it's comedic.

I don't know if that is Dutch Shaming, but if it is, I can issue an apology on my social media at a later date, which I assume will erase it.

As it turns out, Bregje Heinen is still working! She's still out there being hot. This time for Frederick's of Hollywood which as you may or may not know was an iconic trashy lingerie store in LA, that faced hard times, and ended up hiring Megan Fox as an investor or creative director, in efforts to bring life back into the brand.

Now they are bringing this!

The shot takes place in a Laundromat, not my kind of Laundromat that gives me Corona Virus, meth and the occassional used condom on my bed sheets from the dryer, but rather an Aspirational Laundromat all us Laundromat dwellers derserve featuring this Bregje Heinen amazingness!!!

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