Azita Ghanizada

Azita Ghanizada Panties Flash By Grace of the Wind

You may know Azita Ghanizada from her sextastic performance on Entourage or more recently in Alphas on SyFy, or you may just know her as of right now from leering at her panties beneath her wind blown dress. All three of these make wonderful ways to meet Azita, perhaps the hottest girl I’ve ever met from Kabul, and I’ve dated a few. I mean, pen pals really.

Sometimes it’s easy to believe that nature is conspiring against you or the supernatural forces aren’t lined up quite behind you, but every time I see the wind gust at just the right moment to flash a hot girl’s panties, I know somebody up there is watching out for all of us gentleman oglers. It’s comforting. Enjoy.


Ashley Greene, Maria Menounos, and Halle Berry Lead List of Hotties at Variety’s ‘Power of Women’ Estrogen Soaked Gala

Now, you don’t need to tell anyone here about the power of women, well, hot women specifically. We’ve dedicated our lives for the past many years to the yearning supplication before the knees (to more ably peek up their skirts) of wicked hot celebrities. Granted, the folks at Variety may be conceiving of a broader definition of female power at their celebration, but, then, they’re overlooking the fundamental leverage women have over men in 99.9% of interactions. We men can’t say ‘no’ to sextastic ladies.

For example, oh, blessed hot Ashley Greene who was in attendance, Maria Menounos for whom we want to build a shrine of marble or plywood with a faux marble finish as it’s more economical, Halle Berry who we’ve been lusting for two decades now, Serinda Swan, brunette woman of super ogle-worthiness powers, and let us not overlook Azita Ghanizada, Afghan-born thespianic hottie who we first drooled over in some guest appearances on Entourage.

You want to talk about the power of women? Take a look at these ridiculously hot women and see if you can ever imagine not doing everything they say with a big dumb smile on your face. We must concede. Enjoy.