Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande, Toni Garrn and Uma Thurman Drop the Hottie Bombs at Germany’s Bambi Awards

You’d think the Bambi awards were some kind of adult entertainment achievement ceremony. Maybe that’s just where my wanders. In fact, they are something German given to celebrities for something I don’t quite understand. But they do it every year and big name hotties show up in Germany to perform and walk the red carpet and receive awards and smile. I’m guessing half the people walking the carpet have no idea what the award show is either. No matter, looking super sextastic, wave, and blush and say thank you a lot. That’s really all you need as an alluring woman to make it through most situations.

Toni Garnn looked sextacular in her cleavy gown while Ariana Grande did her typically coquettish flirty cat routine on the stage and Uma Thurman just strutted and preened like everybody’s super hot mom. I’d call that a successful evening. That’s how I imagine Sunday Night Football to be in the home of my dreams. Thanks, Toni Garrn, I would like some more Velveeta cheese dip, yes. Oh, that would be magical. So many crazy passion inducing women, so little time. Enjoy.

Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande Booty and Boobtastic Steal the MTV European Music Awards

You can only imagine the craptastic aural sensations emanating from the European version of the MTV Music Awards in Scotland over the weekend. Take all the horrible music of MTV America and multiple it by the further horridness that is Euro pop and you have some idea of the google times infinity levels of musical travesty. On the other hand, well, with lousy music comes hot women. It’s sort of axiomatic.

And those ladies showed up to flaunt, present, and perform at the awards show including Nicki Minaj, all curvy crazy, Ariana Grande looking her tushie finest in her show get up, Jordan Dunn, just superbly cleavetastic, and Charli XCX strutting her brunette hottie stuff. It’s a show about music, but if you turn the volume down and just focus on the amazingly hot looking ladies, it’s more than tolerable. But seriously, don’t turn the volume up or your brain will turn to a combination of strained peas and clotted cream. Enjoy.

Ariana Grande Goes Electric Short Skirt for Your Glow in the Dark Sextastic Leggy Needs

Ariana Grande took to the stage of the CMA Awards last night in her typically hot body revealing outfit, only she added some high voltage lighting to the exhibitionist ensemble, ensuring that every eye even in Vegas was peeping toward her headlights.

Ariana Grande has made that full transition from child actress to grow’d up 20-something pretend diva pop star honeypot. It’s not as easy as it sounds, but it sure is lucrative. And eye-opening for us gentlemen oglers who have the chance to Ariana routinely showing off her minxy tight little body, legs, booty, and cleavage these days. Adding lights is a nice effect, but I think were we together I’d quickly pull the plug on the dramatic effects and get down to the begging to get all up in her 60-watts. Enjoy.

Ariana Grande Bare Midriff In Sweats for Our Post-Coital Dress Down Times

Look, there are going to be times when Ariana Grande isn’t all dolled up and concert ready. Down times like in between gigs, after photoshoots, or when mopping up the exhaustive sweat of our four to five minutes of passionate man-woman embraces when she’s just going to be in sweats and a bare midriff tank top. It’s nice to know my little virtual minx can carry this look off with sextastic ease as well.

Ariana Grande really has invaded my libidinal grey matter something fierce of late. She’s not nearly as obvious as say a Miley or Nicki, but she’s managed to still be a big time curvy body revealer letting her legs and starting to reveal killer cleave and booty upskirts do the talking. Depending on my mood, I kind of like the sneak attack type tingling of the bobos. Ariana, you vex me. If you felt half as strongly about me as I do about you, we’d be doing naughty things on top of a tall building right now. Enjoy.

Ariana Grande Healthy Cleavage Makes a Surprise Appearance in Concert

Ariana Grande already has me hooked on her non-musical talents, now she goes and introduces some lovely eye popping cleavage to her stage show. Don’t think this was done unintentionally. A little snip and adjustment here and there and suddenly the minxy feline hottie has several glorious inches of chest showing on stage out of her almost similar top. Some of the smallest things in life really can make the biggest difference.

Ariana made her stellar cleavetastic introduction at the We Can Survive concert in Los Angeles, along with her fellow pop stars showing off her bodily and entertaining talents for the good cause of fighting breast cancer. Which makes even more sense contextually for bringing about the exhibition of her glorious mams. It certainly made me want to donate to the benevolent cause near and dear to my heart. Good show, Ariana. Enjoy.

Ariana Grande Hot Kitty At Radio One Teen Awards

I’ll be the first to admit this whole jumping and juking petite pop diva stage antic thing is pretty juvenile and lacks much in the way of musical composition. I’ll always be the first to say, who the heck cares. Let the teeny boppers talk about their favorite TV turned music stars as if they are modern day Beatles and Claptons. Me and a bunch of my ogling gentlemen friends get to see the likes of Ariana Grande preening and bending and showing off on stage in costumes that would’ve gotten us all arrested just a short generation ago. Now, that is music to my eyes.

Ariana Grande was a featured guest at Britain’s Radio One Teen Awards and made sure to put on an extra special crotch and leg baring performance. She most definitely has the petite hottie goods. Those legs alone could cause a few men to fracas drunken in a bar. I know I’d punch the lights out of any man who spoke ill of Ariana’s hot little dancer body. Albeit, I’m a pacifist so I’d probably just order my ex-Chris Brown bodyguards to do the punching. Ariana, you move me with your rhythms. That’s almost like real music, perhaps even better. Enjoy.

Ariana Grande Wicked American Export for Swedish Idol

In case you’re not familiar, pretty much every craptastically popular reality show or game show has a version in pretty much every Western nation with a halfway decent TV market. Hence, Swedish Idol. Is it any better or worse than American Idol? Well, it would be a true challenge to be worse. And, when you invite Ariana Grande across the pond to special guest, it’s probably a whole lot better.

Ariana Grande has somewhat perfected the leggy not much covered leotard performance look. Kind of like Miley, but less directly crotch raunchy and fluorescent. More like an old school torch singer if she could get away with wearing so few clothes on stage without being arrested. Whatever Ariana Grande does to keep that perfect little shape of hers, it’s working. Maybe it’s eating salted fish, which she’s stocking up on while in Sweden. But I bet it’s something more organic and yoga. All the kids are doing it. Ariana, in any language, you and your minxy female form float my Swedish gummies. Enjoy.