Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande Hot Kitty At Radio One Teen Awards

I’ll be the first to admit this whole jumping and juking petite pop diva stage antic thing is pretty juvenile and lacks much in the way of musical composition. I’ll always be the first to say, who the heck cares. Let the teeny boppers talk about their favorite TV turned music stars as if they are modern day Beatles and Claptons. Me and a bunch of my ogling gentlemen friends get to see the likes of Ariana Grande preening and bending and showing off on stage in costumes that would’ve gotten us all arrested just a short generation ago. Now, that is music to my eyes.

Ariana Grande was a featured guest at Britain’s Radio One Teen Awards and made sure to put on an extra special crotch and leg baring performance. She most definitely has the petite hottie goods. Those legs alone could cause a few men to fracas drunken in a bar. I know I’d punch the lights out of any man who spoke ill of Ariana’s hot little dancer body. Albeit, I’m a pacifist so I’d probably just order my ex-Chris Brown bodyguards to do the punching. Ariana, you move me with your rhythms. That’s almost like real music, perhaps even better. Enjoy.

Ariana Grande Wicked American Export for Swedish Idol

In case you’re not familiar, pretty much every craptastically popular reality show or game show has a version in pretty much every Western nation with a halfway decent TV market. Hence, Swedish Idol. Is it any better or worse than American Idol? Well, it would be a true challenge to be worse. And, when you invite Ariana Grande across the pond to special guest, it’s probably a whole lot better.

Ariana Grande has somewhat perfected the leggy not much covered leotard performance look. Kind of like Miley, but less directly crotch raunchy and fluorescent. More like an old school torch singer if she could get away with wearing so few clothes on stage without being arrested. Whatever Ariana Grande does to keep that perfect little shape of hers, it’s working. Maybe it’s eating salted fish, which she’s stocking up on while in Sweden. But I bet it’s something more organic and yoga. All the kids are doing it. Ariana, in any language, you and your minxy female form float my Swedish gummies. Enjoy.

Ariana Grande Leg Show In A Short Skirt in Paris

Pop princess Ariana Grande showed off those famous legs in a very short skirt in Paris. One of the things I like most about Ariana is her penchant for only wearing skirts that go to the tops of her thighs. She can get away with it because she’s got a truly magnificent pair of legs. Oh, that one could have those legs wrapped around one’s waist. Ariana is also sporting a pair of thigh high stockings which make me crazy. Maybe it’s because the whole thigh high stocking thing was very “in” when I was in high school and all the girls I liked but couldn’t get wore them, but that look makes me very happy in my pants. She’s also got on a headband with cat ears which normally wouldn’t do anything for me but for some reason on Ariana it just looks sexy as F.

The great thing is that Ariana is very young so she’s just starting out with the hottness. I look forward to many more years of ogling Ariana’s legs.

Ariana Grande Looking Hot In London

Ariana Grande was looking seriously sexy after leaving a visit to BBC 1 radio in London. She was wearing a black crop top with a deep plunging neckline. There was cleave for all, my friends. Ariana has a nice pair of lady plums that I would personally like to check for ripeness, if you get my meaning. Her bare mid-riff was also exposed and it was a sight to see. She’s got a nice tight stomach with a lot of tone to it. It’s a delight. I think Ariana is seriously hot. She’s genuinely pretty in a girl next door kind of way. That is, if you live net door to a family of really good looking people.

They say that she’s a bit of a diva but if you look like that you can get away with those kinds of shenanigans. Lord knows I would gladly go get her a double mocha non-fat cappuccino whenever she wanted one.


Ariana Grande’s Bare Mid-riff And Other Fine Things To Ogle

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Ariana Grande Bares Midriff at the Airport for Libido Take-Off

I happen to be a big fan of Ariana Grande. A huge fan. No, I’ve never heard a single one of her songs for more than ten seconds. This could be part of my infatuation, or the reason it’s yet to be ruined. I just love to ogle this minxy hot showoff diva, the latest in the never ending line of TV starlets turned musicians without anybody bothering to question if musical talent should play any role in these career shifts.

Ariana was in between flights and showing off her bare midsection as she often does in tight jeans just to give her peeps and peepers a little something something to remember her by in their sleep later that evening. It certainly works for me. Between her little teasy show costumes and her revealing public dress, Ariana has me hooked. I suppose that’s sort of the purpose behind what she does. Though I doubt her marketing team pictures me with my tongue out when describing her core audience. Yet, here I am. Enjoy.

Ariana Grande Hot Performance At BPM In NYC

Ariana Grande did not disappoint her fans in a hot performance in New York City. She was wearing her sexy intergalactic space cat outfit for the show. Basically it is a low cut body stocking with a see through skirt. There was quite a bit of cleav action going on, my friends. Ariana knows that the audience is eager to see as much of her ta-tas as is allowed by law. Her booty also looked amazing peeking out of her seriously short skirt. One of the reasons I like Ariana is that she rarely wears skirts that go past the top of her thighs. She can get away with it too because she’s got hella nice legs. I wish every pop princess would take a cue from Ariana’s playbook and purchase a see-through tiny skirt. Album sales would definitely increase.

How did I not know about this show? I would have gladly gone to ogle her instead of staying in and watching old 30 Rock episodes with my cat.