Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande High Kicks and Booty Shakes for Christmas

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not exactly sure the voice in this music video is actually coming from Ariana Grande. Maybe by way of several computers and a Mariah Carey vocal translation chip. Nevertheless, the booty-ful body and high kicking supple legs are definitely all Ariana. The minx putting together her best silly but sextastic effort in Santa Tell Me, which I suppose is sort of a real song, for the ogling set this Christmas.

2014 has been a wonderful year for Ariana Grande and the men who love to leer at her. I can’t wait to see what she has in store for the coming year as she continues to evolve out of her teen starlet persona and into showy pop diva for a slightly older audience. If she goes the way of Miley, I shall be most pleased. Most pleased indeed. Bless you, Ariana Grande, and your showy little outfits. Bring on phase two. Enjoy.

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Ariana Grande Shakes Her Various Moneymakers as the Jingle Balls Roll On

I’m not even sure what city the Jingle Ball radio station tour landed in last night, I only know Ariana Grande made me want to live another day for the chance to be her boyfriend. On the down low naturally. I wouldn’t want my friends to know I was dating Ariana Grande what with her diva reputation. In turn, she might want to keep hush about dating a guy on the doughnut and beer diet who’s ‘fancy dinners’ take place at The Sizzler.

Hot 99.5, wherever that is, hosted Ariana in another one of her brilliantly catty and showy little stage costumes, preening around the stage and singing about something that was important to the computer that generated her song. I’m not sure why Mother Nature gave this minxy pop star a body built for play, but she clearly did. It would be somewhat disrespectful to deny that blessed Fate. Ariana, call me, I can whip up a inflatable pool worth of Jell-O in about forty-five minutes, thirty minutes maybe if I can contain my tears of joy. Those cat-ears and everything beneath them are absolutely killing me. Enjoy.

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Ariana Grande White Hot Performance at Q102′s Jingle Ball 2014

Oh, Ariana Grande. I never thought that I would be attracted in a sexy sexual way to a girl who regularly wears cat ears. But I can’t help it. I just want to pet you and give you a saucer of milk. At the Q102 Jingle Ball she was sporting a typically sexy Ariana Grande outfit. A skirt so short that you can see her entire legs? Check. Lots of fantastic bare midriff? Yes, sir. And cleavage the likes of which few can rival? Double check! Sweet Jebus, she makes me think naughty thoughts. I honestly couldn’t tell you an Ariana Grande song if it was jacked directly into my head like in The Matrix.

What I do know is that I hope people keeping buying her albums so that I continue to fantasize about making her purr and beg for Whicka Lickins.

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Ariana Grande Red Hot Performance at the Jingle Ball (Oh, Yes, They Were Jingling)

As far as musical performance go, well, the visual performance at the Jingle Ball were well worth the price of admission if you’re good at jumping fences. Chief among them my belusted little hottie Ariana Grande flashing bottom and hot legs and her minxy female form in an irrepressible red. Or flaming red. Or just red hot to the touch but you’re still going to touch because you can’t help yourself. That latter color might be it.

Ariana Grande is building herself a nice career out of her catty female form and strutting across the stage in showy outfits. I couldn’t respect her accomplishments more. This is the very best of pop music and the most relatable portion for grown men. Oh, how I’d like to relate to Ariana in her little short skirts and showy tops. I’d learn a few of her songs as needed. There’s no limit to which I won’t support my own game. Enjoy.

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Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift Hot Performances at the UK Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Fresh off of an appearance at the U.S. Victoria’s Secret Fashion show a year earlier where some of the cattier models said Taylor Swift just couldn’t cut it as a lingerie model, Taylor came back twice as strong showing off in some medium level revealing lingerie items on the runway and performing on stage in London along with mega minxy hottie Ariana Grande in her traditionally tiny little tight two piece performance ensemble. Yes, I used the word ensemble. No, I don’t suddenly have an interest in belts and accessories.

Taylor Swift really did steal the show, coming out onstage with her slender girl buddy Karlie Kloss, the two of whom I imagine deeply entwined in Sapphic lust each evening in Taylor’s $20 million New York condo of quiet climaxes. I’m probably wrong, but I’d prefer to believe I’m right. In either case, these two daily workout partners strutted their hot legs and slender forms down the runway, before Taylor broke into song then later Ariana for a show that was entirely visually pleasing. And that was even before the Angels came out in bras and panties. Quite an evening. Enjoy.

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Ariana Grande White Leggy Minxy Hot Angel in London Town

When you’ve got legs like tanned minxy hottie Ariana Grande, you’re not going to let a little chilly London weather get you in trousers, as they say. Nay, miniskirt and tiny top is the answer to Mother Nature’s continuing trick on the people who settled along the River Thames because the climate seemed gentle. By international decree, Ariana Grande really is not allowed to wear much covering clothes in public, lest the gentleman oglers of the world find themselves without her visual wonderments for but one long sad day.

Ariana is in Jolly Old England to help celebrate the Victoria’s Secret lingerie fashion show U.K. version, where she was performing along with some other musical acts that like lingerie models themselves, might just be better seen than heard. Ariana has a certain look that works, works quite well according to my internal barometer slash happy place and no amount of blustery winds are going to keep her from her sacred exhibitionist rounds. Oh, to rub self-tanner into those legs each evening. That is the dream. Enjoy.

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Ariana Grande Uses Tush and Legs to Crack the Christmas Concert Seal

Well, it is mid November so Christmas is like tomorrow or something. Time to crack open the start of Yuletide concert series with our minxy curvaceous feline hottie, Ariana Grande, strutting around the stage for a Very Grammy Christmas performance. The Grammy’s are in February unless I’m mistaken, but I suppose there’s nobody that doesn’t love a good Xmas tie-in for their promotional efforts. And I’m hardly complaining at any opportunity to see my belusted Ariana Grande in her various skin right outfits preening and posing about on stage as she croons what I’m sure is an invaluable addition to the world of classic music.

I’m up for pretty much Ariana Grande anything. Christmas concert in mid-November. Conjugal visits to me in my minimum security penitentiary for what will be described as serial panty drawer raiding. I’m ready for Ariana any time all the time. She doesn’t even have to sing. In fact, I’m going to recommend that. Just those little furry outfits will do fine. Bless you, Ariana. And, naturally, Merry Christmas. Enjoy.